Tuesday, 5 September 2006

The Beginning

Things are going quite well here. The serviced apartment we are in at the moment is quite a big studio, has it's own balcony and a maid who cleans it every day and makes the bed. I think i may have terrified the living daylights out of her when she came in yesterday. I took the opportunity to practice my Thai - introduced myself and told her i was very pleased to meet her - i'm sure she now thinks i am a loony!!

Anyway, i've not wasted any time - have sorted out internet access here and i went out today to view some condo's with a woman called Sue who i got on very well with. I saw about 10 different places, some were amazing and some were just downright weird with odd orange furniture that was probably from the 60's and flowery wallpaper to match the flowery sofa to match the flowery lampshades - Ahhh flower hell!!! (needless to say we are not going to have a second look at that one - although it might be funny to see the look on Chris's face...Hmmm....). I've narrowed it down to four which i am going to take Chris to see on Friday afternoon so hopefully we will have decided on something by the end of the week.

Things are going well for Chris work wise. We arrived on Friday night to find a message from Phil (his new boss) saying that they have just won a big contract which he will be expected to manage and could he come in on Sunday for a meeting. It looks like he is going to be very busy over the next 8 weeks - something to do with origin (I got a bit lost after that but i'm sure it is all very interesting)

Not really much else to tell you, Bangkok's hot and humid, the food is fab and so far so good (hope it stays that way)

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