Saturday, 25 November 2006

Our First Dinner Party

If i ever write saying that i am having people over for dinner (We had invited Jenny, David and their kids Robin and Hattie over to say thanks for all the help they have given us) and that Moon is going to be away please please write me an e-mail or post a comment saying 'DONT DO IT'!! It took me two days to cook all the food and a day to clear up!! First i had to track down my cooking implements (I have now discovered that Moon not only puts things in places you don't expect but waits till you have got used to them being there and then puts them somewhere else!! I'm starting to think that perhaps she has an evil streak.....), then i discovered that i have only one tray for the cooker (Which you would think would be easy to rectify.....ha....i laugh at your optimism!!) so i had to make desert twice (There were six of us and the tray only held enough for three (Which is why i have never realised we only had one)) and for some reason unknown to man we can't buy a grill tray for love nor money so i had to improvise and use a metal tray for cooling cakes to cook the kebabs on (Chris went out and left me to it....a good move on his part!!). I know i have an easy life and have no right to complain but this was in a kitchen that has no air conditioning (It was 35 degrees people....and that was before i put the oven on) and has no dish washer!! Anyway, the dinner went really well....i didn't spontaneously combust (although i came close a couple of times), I didn't burn anything and nobody died!! We had a great evening - there was lots of laughter, lots of wine was consumed and we had a lot of fun playing Buzz even if Robin and Chris wiped the floor with the rest of us!!

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