Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Cheap Charlies, Tapas and ACDC singing Thai's

We decided to try somewhere new last night so headed down to Soi 11 to have a drink at a bar called Cheap Charlie’s which we had been told was really good. I think that the term 'bar' was a rather generous description of the place - I saw it and laughed my head off.

It's actually a small wooden shack on the corner of a sub soi......actually it's not even a shack.....it's more of an outside bar that looks like it grew from the side of a building - there is enough space in it for a Thai barman (Thai's of course are not huge people), beer, vodka (I had one so I know that they have it), gin and not hellish much else. You have to bend down to order your drink (my vodka and tonic cost a grand total of 60 baht.....less than a pound.....ahhh.....that's why it's called Cheap Charlie’s) then you perch on stools or sit at the table (I'll come back to the table in a minute) inside a white circle which is drawn on the road. 'Why the white circle' I hear you ask because if your seat is not inside the white circle you run the risk of being run over by passing cars.....of course!! (We're back to the 'Only In Thailand' shrug of the shoulders).

The table.......ah yes......can't forget about that. There is no easy way to describe this so I’m just going to come right out and say it - the table is a big wooden penis!! I've found a picture (Does that make me really sad??). The other thing that had me roaring with laughter was the sign that stated 'Now - open lady toilet here pee do not shit' they had even underlined the shit!! Chris and I loved the place (not sure if that is a good or bad thing) - everyone was really friendly and believe it or not we met a Canadian woman who's family are from Ardrossan....her mum went to Ardrossan High School and her Aunt still lives there (Sadie I wouldn't be surprised if you knew her)....Chris was actually lost for words - I should have taken a photo!! It is easily the weirdest place we have ever sat and had a drink.

After Chris had recovered we went round the corner to try out Charlie Browns (I think perhaps the Thai's have a thing about the name Charlie) which apparently does really good Mexican food but it was shut so we decided to walk a bit further down the soi and came across a Spanish restaurant called Tapas Cafe. There were about three people in it (It had only been open a few days and we actually ended up being invited to their Grand Opening the next evening) but the food was fantastic - we had Albondigas (Spanish Meatballs), patatas bravas and proper spicy chorizo. Chris was in seventh heaven....cheap booze....chorizo....life just doesn't get any better......

Then we heard the band......
Not far from us is a small (Well.....small for a Thai shopping mall) mall called Time Square and during December they put out tables and chairs in the evening and have bands that come and play. We were on our way home when we heard Pink Floyd being played (and being played well.....which is not something you can say about Thai cover bands very often!!) so we headed over, sat down and were delivered a pitcher of beer. The band played for about an hour and a half and were very good - it was strange watching a small Thai man jump up and down whilst singing ACDC but not nearly as confusing as when they changed from singing rock songs in English to something very odd in Spanish. Baffling but hey.....it kept the Spanish theme of the evening....


  1. Hi,

    I lived round the corner from Cheap Charlies for three years and it's safe to say it was my local and I knew that big wooden willie table very well. Satit the owner was a gem and I dearly hope he is still there serving up his cheap beer and shy smiles.

    It is or was (I left in 2000) a place that local expats met to gossip and network and the scene of many a raucous party.

    Satit, Cheap Charlie's and Sarah Darling are unforgettable memories for me as I not only landed a dream job, I also had a fantastic time and met my life partner there with whom I now have two children and live on the other side of the planet. In my fondest daydreams that place will never change and all the usual suspects are at the same place at the bar.

    Thanks for the memories. :)

  2. Hi Julie

    Welcome to the blog!!

    You'll be pleased to know that Satit is alive and well and still serving and Sarah is still a permanent fixture at the bar (In fact I saw her last night).

    I absolutely love it there - if you ever come back for a holiday then you never know.....I might just see you there :-)

    C x


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