Sunday, 3 December 2006

Our visitor the Gecko

This is so gross that it deserves a little section all to itself!! (Seriously - if you let your kids read this and they have nightmares i am accepting no responsibility!!)

When Chris got up last weekend he went into the kitchen to make a coffee and called me through to announce that we had a visitor - there was a Gecko in our sink. (I initially thought it was one of the rubber ones and that he was playing a joke on me.....till it moved). We have no idea how it got there but it was not looking too great (Very pale, pink and a bit slimy).

Normally i don't have a problem with Gecko's but this one was looking a bit weird so i bravely delegated the problem of getting rid of it to Chris and beat a hasty retreat to the living room. I then heard a noise that sounded something like 'eeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuu' coming from the kitchen (It was Chris not the Gecko). It turned out that he had decided to pick it up by the tail.....which promptly came off in his hand.......when he dropped the tail back into the sink it continued to flap around of its own accord. The Gecko was fine (The tail's grow back - don't worry) and was put out onto the balcony but Chris then had to pick up the still flapping tail and put it in the bin. His comment was 'I'm probably going to have nightmares about this!!'

(I have now discovered that it was a Leopard Gecko and that it was supposed to look like that)


  1. As far as I remember he had the same reaction to Barry's baby gerbils years ago.

  2. Is that a euphemism for something or are you actually talking about gerbils??


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