Sunday, 3 December 2006

Tales from the office

I can't come into work because.....

(Those of a nervous disposition look away now)
For the brave amongst you i would like to set you a task!! I would like you to try out some of the excuses given to Chris by his colleagues for why they can't come into work. (I love these!!)

'I can't come into work today because it's raining'
(I would love to know what kind of reaction that would get in Glasgow or Manchester)

'I have to stay home - i am having a sofa delivered'. You must then send an e-mail to everyone in the office with a picture of said sofa attached. (So you don't have any problems here is a picture of a sofa that you can cut and paste - don't say i am not good to you)

'I have to leave early - i need to take my Mum to King Power' .Please substitue 'King Power' for the name of your nearest department store. (Obviously her Mum really needed that second opinion!!)

'I can't come into work today because i have to buy the Tax Team presents' (Isn't that lovely - buying the Tax Team presents......Chris works with some really nice people!!)

last but by no means least (This is my personal favourite)

'I can't come into work today because my friend is being haunted and i need to take her to see a Monk'

I would dearly love to hear what kind of responses you receive from your boss!!


  1. This is one I heard the other day from an anonymous worker in Bangkok: "I don't want to come into work today 'cos there's a dalek in the office!"

  2. Well my boss said she would accept the one about being haunted so i'll store it for a special occasion! She did want video footage tho'.....Jo


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