Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Chris's Holiday

Chris actually had some time off over the festive season - he still had to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but at least he got a bit of a break. We used the time well.....

We tried out a new spa on Soi 11 called Suk Spa - it is set in an old style wooden Thai house and was absolutely gorgeous. have a look and you'll see what i mean. We both booked in for a back and shoulder de-stress massage (before you say it - i am completely aware i have nothing to be stressed about!!). We sat outside and had our feet washed in warm water that had mint, lemongrass and flower petals in it and our legs were ex foliated with some kind of salt scrub (Which felt lovely till the girl I had went over a very recent mosquito bite!!). We were then taken up to the 4th floor of the building, shown into co-joining rooms and told to take all our clothes off. Chris and I were both a little baffled by this - Why do we need to take our clothes off? We are having a back massage!! I obliged - Chris on the other hand elected to keep his boxers on. The door between the rooms was closed and it was at this point that i heard a slight commotion from the other room - the masseuse had discovered Chris still had his pants on.....giggling.......she proceeded to roll down them down and then she removed them completely (I wish i had been there to see the look on his face!!). Anyway, the massage was brilliant and, strangely, involved rather a lot of buttock pummling (Ah.....that's why she removed his pants.....still a bit confused as to what buttock pummling has to do with back massage but hay ho).

We also tried a couple of new restaurants which were fantastic. We went to a place called Tenderloins on Soi 33 and had proper garlic bread (This may sound a bit bizarre but it was a cause for celebration. The Thai's put sugar in their bread which really makes it taste foul....seriously, can you imagine having a sweet ham and cheese sandwich?? I rest my case) and steak that was cooked to perfection (They even had tomato ketchup - I know I'm a philistine). There were no tables free so we sat at a ledge that looked out onto the street - Chris spent the entire evening teasing me because I had not noticed the amount of girlie bars that were on the Soi. People watching has never been so entertaining and I have to say.......the fact that mullets are not sexy has obviously not reached a fairly large section of the worlds male population!!!

The other place we discovered was called the Moghul Room - i say's right next to cheap charlies so we decided to try it (not that we're lazy or anything!!). The décor left a little to be desired but the food was amazing!! They had pakora on the menu which we wasn't the same but was still very tasty (When we come to Scotland on holiday i am going to be on a mission to find a book that has a recipe for proper pakora - our hunt for a Glaswegian owned Indian restaurant in Bangkok is proving fruitless and it's not like we're asking for much!!). We then had lamb samosas and we tried our first ever Doza which is like a very thin, crispy crepe and you can choose what filling you have - we had spicy potato and the combination of textures was really really good!! We also ordered spicy chickpeas (Jo you would have loved them and we will definitely take you there when you visit) to go with the buttered chicken......yummy.....

We also tried a couple of new bars but ended up in our old faithful Admakers. It really wasn't supposed to be funny but I don't think I have ever laughed so much - the band.....oh my god....the band (I'll get to the dancing Americans and pogoing Thai's in a minute). They started off well....played a couple of Gary Moore tracks which sounded great (The lead singer had quite a deep voice so they worked well) but then they made the disastrous decision that Queen songs were the way to go.....the first song, 'It's a kind of magic', was bad and it went downhill from there. I just want you take a minute to think about was a Thai band - the singer had a deep voice - he didn't actually know the words and just sang what he thought they sounded like - the harmonies from the bass and keyboard players were....interesting (and that is the kindest description that i can think of) and they were singing songs such as 'Radio Gaga', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' (aarrggg) and my personal favourite 'We are the Shampions' (I will never be able to listen to that song again). Honestly....the Americans should have known better....they had absolutely no excuse for what followed!! There were about eight of them who ended up dancing at the front of the stage....let me put it this way.....Chris who is famous for his 'frog in a blender' dancing felt confident that he could have gone up there and made a good impression!! (Yes, they were THAT bad - one of them did a very strange bum in the air wiggle without moving his feet, his arms looked like they were glued to his side and only his hands were moving - it has to be the oddest dancing I have ever seen!!). So, on one side of the stage you had strange bum wiggling Americans and on the other you had pogoing Thai's - would have thought they were at a proper rock concert - one was having a real go at swinging his hair for Satan (which would have worked better if he had actually had hair to swing!! He looked like he was having some strange upright fit - ROCK ON!!). It was hilarious but when the band moved from Queen to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Chris and I could take no more!!


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  2. Yes, this is very nice blog, but I still waiting for story of New Year!! And if you want good pakora recipe, only have to ask.

  3. I am asking - I didn't know that you had a good pakora recipe!!

  4. Oh, and your going to have to wait a bit longer for the story of New Year (started writing it yesterday and our internet access went). Tom arrives today (actually he will have just landed) so I'm not going to have much time to update my blog (But will hopefully have some very funny stories, not to mention photos, to share once he has been)


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