Friday, 23 February 2007

Start Of Holiday - Take Two......

After the excitement of the hospital, and the fact that Sadie and Margaret were still suffering from Jet Lag, we decided that we would take it fairly easy. We spent a good part of Thursday morning looking at various clothing websites and making decisions on what kind of garments Sadie and Margaret were looking to get made and then we headed over to my local tailor, Khun Dao, (Actually she has her own website to get measured and to pick fabric.

Margaret was wanting to get something made for a wedding that she is going to in September and she decided that she would go for something a bit different. She is getting a silk Cheongsam (Chinese style dress) with matching jacket made - you should see the fabric she chose - it is beautiful!! She went for a vibrant azure blue with a simple bamboo pattern and she is going to have a small amount of bead work done at the collar of the dress. The jacket will be made to match so she will be able to wear them together or separately. I think it will look absolutely stunning!! Sadie went for a Salwar Kameez (which, for those not in the know, is a long tunic that goes over a pair of trousers and that has a wrap to complete the look). She chose a fairly heavy cotton (so she would be able to wear it in Scotland and not freeze to death) in two different greens - her tunic is going to be made in the lighter green trimmed in the darker one, the trousers in the darker one and the wrap is going to be two tone with some bead work done on it. She also went for a Xiang Yun Sha Jacket (That's the Chinese Jacket with mandarin collar) and matching trousers in black, a Chinese style skirt in denim with a beautiful stitching detail at the bottom and a stunning blue tunic top that has a really unusual criss cross neckline. It was quite funny - Sadie was saying that she felt like she was in an episode of What Not to Wear except we were nicer than Trinny and Susannah - she said she had never been so poked and prodded in her life.

In order to let them recover we headed to Emporium shopping centre for some lunch and went into a cafe/restaurant called Greyhound where we all had cheese and ham toasties and chips (God I love chips!! My excuse is that I'm not allowed to eat anything spicy - well seen I didn't have it in front of Moon....she would have been hitting me on the stomach and telling me that it was no good). I then took them to MBK on the Skytrain so that they could do a bit of shopping. Margaret bought the most beautiful silk bedspread in burgundy and cream with matching silk cushions (Her boudoir will be sumptuous), Sadie got a lovely silk bag in green and cream which will go with the outfit that she is having made and they both bought some pressys to take home (Don't get excited may have to wait for birthday's to get them!!) By this time we were all a bit knackered so I introduced them to the delights of the Visage Patisserie which makes deserts that are so beautiful that you actually don't want to eat them!! We found a way.....

On the way home we stopped off at a Tailors called Kunika (Which I had been told is THE place to go if you want a coat made) and Sadie ordered the most stunning charcoal grey cashmere coat - I can't wait to see what the finished article looks like.

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  1. The patisserie looks wonderful - wouldn't know whether to eat it or frame it. KatWoman


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