Thursday, 22 February 2007

What a first day!!!

I woke up at 5am with strange back pains - the muscles down my spine were really achy. As the morning progressed (about 10 minutes later) I felt like I was starting to get really bad indigestion which is not like me at all. I got up, took some Remegel and lay down again - Nope - that was not working, I got up again and had a couple of large glasses of milk. Ok.....BIG mistake - I now felt like my insides were on fire and just didn't quite know where to put myself - I couldn't stand, couldn't sit, couldn't lie down and, if I'm completely honest, thought that I was about to die (I think Chris was of the same opinion - you think his knees are pale!!). By this point I was moaning and groaning, the pain really was bad, so sent Chris in to wake Sadie to let her know what was going on (and to stop her lying awake wondering if we were just really noisy (You know what I mean)). Anyway, to cut a long story short I ended up being taken to Bumrungrad Hospital in an ambulance and was then admitted with severe abdominal pain caused by food poisoning - SEE THAT BLOODY AIRPORT!!

As you can probably tell, I am now fine so you can stop worrying. Actually, I think I deserve an award for best daughter-in-law........the lengths I will go to - Sadie is part of a Patients Council, which covers the whole of Ayrshire and Arran, so she got to see how it was done in Bangkok and has now got a load of ideas to take back - I think the phrase might be 'If they can do it in Bangkok.......'

I got a deluxe room to myself, mainly because all the standard ones were taken, which was like a studio apartment - it had a kitchen, dining table and chairs, sofa and coffee table as well as a was completely unlike any hospital room I have ever been in!! I was pumped full of pain killers, attached to a drip (Which I named Fido - see photo on the left) and told I had to drink lots of water. I was then informed that, not only had they to measure what water went in, I had to measure what water went out!! They then showed me this plastic thing which was placed in the bowl of the toilet which was called..........wait for it.........a Euro Hat!!! (Why the hell would you call something like that a Euro Hat?? - please feel free to leave a comment if you can think of a good reason). It was a stupid design - I kept missing the bloody thing.......erm, I think I'll stop there.......

Happily I was not kept in overnight (although I have to admit that I was slightly sad to say good buy to Fido who had been my faithful companion to and from the toilet) and went home with a little concoction of pills having been told that I was not allowed any alcohol or spicy food.

So poor Sadie and Margaret spent their first day in Bangkok in a hospital room watching really bad movies one of which featured a treasure hunting Nicolas Cage (Actually I quite enjoyed that one - I blame the drugs!!). Not quite what I had planned but the nurses uniforms gave them some ideas for skirts that they would like made so it wasn't all a waste of time :-)


  1. Poor wee Petal - glad you're alright now. It's not the start to Sadie and Margaret's holiday you would have wished, but at least things can only get better, including you. Take care. luv to all - KatWoman (still got password problems)

  2. Is there a possibility that it was uro - as in - related to ur... ine? Just a thought. Though I like the idea that it was for collecting Euros....

    Anyway, glad it was nothing serious!


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