Monday, 26 March 2007

Living in Thailand constantly makes me laugh.......

I made spag bol on Friday night to say thank you to Chris and Moon for looking after me so well last week - Moon added dried chilli to it!! (She has also done this to mince and tatties.....much to Chris's horror!!) Talk about East meets West!!

I think perhaps the bar staff need some lessons!! (This was when we visited Khao San Road)

Random Tap in Gents toilet (No I didn't take the photo).

You can buy porn at the street stalls and markets here but when you go to the cinema to see a film (Chris and I went to see 300 on Sunday) the women's nipples are blanked out!!! In saying that, it is fine to have this displayed outside a lingerie shop in one of the central shopping malls. (All I could do was laugh when I saw this little gem)

Not sure what this is all about - there didn't seam to be any reason for the statue being there (I'm sure it's all very obvious once you are in the know but it left Chris and I scratching our heads)

The same goes for this 12 ways in business sign. I couldn't resist sharing the wise words of point six - 'Machines don't bread, if you don't break them'

Last but not least - I had to share this sign telling you not to flush toilet roll 'or any other foreigner objects' down the loo

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