Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The MRI Scan

Chris had three meetings that he just couldn’t get out of (probably because he had had to take so much time off work last week) so my lovely friend Jenny agreed to take his place and do the hand holding. (Thank you Jen - you deserve a medal).

We arrived at the hospital at 8am and I was told to go and get changed. I have to say that both Jen and Moon did me proud – neither laughed when I emerged from the changing room in the most hideous green pyjama things you have ever seen (They were the same colour as the Tupperware that Moon had wanted to buy – I rest my case!!). Anyway, they took more blood and then I was shown into the MRI room, asked to lie down and was strapped to this table thing which then entered into the actual scanner (Beam me up Scotty!!). I then spent an hour being told ‘breath in, breath out, hold your breath’ (Not the most exciting experience) whilst the machine made various beeping, crunching and whirring noises. (At one point the table thing I was strapped to started vibrating and all I could think was ‘At least this will be good for my cellulite!!’). They then injected me with this stuff (I assume it was so they could get clear pictures - That's me in the picture to the right!!) which I could actually feel going round my system – and then it was all over. That was a doddle (Good Scottish word for easy) - Not pleasant but not even close to how bad I thought it was going to be!! (I have an over-active imagination what can I say…..)

My appointment with the Specialist to discuss the results was not till 12 so we had a few hours to kill before I saw him. We sat in Starbucks drinking tea and eating cake (naughty but nice). It turned out that he was running very late and my appointment was moved to 2pm (I would rather he be late and take his time with someone else than rush them) so we went and grabbed some lunch. Jen also had an appointment at 2 which was handy because it meant that she didn’t have to hang about waiting for me – Moon wasn’t so lucky!! (Jen is a great friend – she actually came back and was there when I finished speaking to the Doc.…she should have made a bid for freedom while she had the chance!!).

I got to have a good long chat with my Doctor during which time he showed me scans, x-rays and explained exactly what was going on and what had caused it. I have a 3.5cm tumour in my liver (Don’t worry it’s not cancerous - You can see it quite clearly on the left hand side of my liver in the scan - Chris has christened it Mini Me). It has been caused by taking the birth control pill for so many years - apparently the Gall stone and the tumour are classic side effects (can you believe it!!). I’ve had Mini Me for about two years and I have been told that it won’t cause me any pain or discomfort at all but that they want to see it reduce in size. I have to stop taking the birth control pill, take medication to thin my bile (Yes, I know you didn’t really want to know that but hey….at least I’ve not put the DVD of my op on the blog!!), continue to lose weight and (This is the worst bit) not drink any alcohol for two months!! (TWO MONTHS!!! Actually, I have negotiated one day off – I asked if I would be able to have some wine with my husband to celebrate our wedding anniversary and he said yes…..I’ll probably have one sip and be away with the fairies). The other specialist explained that the medication they are giving me should help me lose weight, shrink the tumour and, since the gall stone I have is really small, wear away the stone so that hopefully it will just disappear. I've to go back to have another MRI scan in three months time which, if they have got everything right, should show that the tumour has shrunk and then life will return back to normal with the exception of check ups on it every few years or so.

I did also get good news - the procedure they did to remove the stone was very successful and I can now eat spicy food again. Yipeeeee almost makes up for the no alcohol (I told my friend Louise today that I've not to drink anything for two months....she laughed a lot....I may have to hit her next time I see her).


  1. Mmmh - the pill - not good.
    What do/did you take and how long for - Bit of a worry for us pill takers.
    Love the pictures - LOL.

  2. I took Microgynon. My doctor recommended that I take it when I was at school to make my periods more regular - I've pretty much taken it ever since.

  3. ... but, seriously... glad you're going to be okay!!!

  4. Mmmm... looks like all you need now are some "fava beans and a nice chianti"...

  5. Glad to know that there's nothing sinister. Amazing that you get DVDs of your endoscopes - here you're lucky if they can find your x-rays!!

  6. Hello Carol,

    I'm thinking about bring my mom to Bumrungrad. She has an extremely serious illness and want to make sure that the place is ood. Could you please let me know your impression of it? Thanks!
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    Thanks again,

  7. David there is an e-mail winging it's way to you as I type this.

    I wish your Mum a speedy recovery.


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