Monday, 2 April 2007

Fab New Restaurant

We have discovered a gem of a Mongolian restaurant on Sukhumvit Road called Mongo's (I know.......the name is not the best!!) just along from Nana Skytrain Station.

Legend has it that nomadic Mongolian soldiers under the warrior Genghis Khan, devised their unique grilling technique sometime if the 13th century, while migrating across the steppes of east central Asia. When they were camping at night, they would throw their metal shields down on top of the fires so that they could cook their meat and sizzle up a tasty meal. The restaurant is based around this concept although there is not a shield in sight (I was slightly disappointed!!)

It is very cool -

First you select a sauce at your table - they have things like Chilli & Garlic, Lime Curry and Coconut & Sesame

Then you go up to a section they call the Food Market and select what you would like to eat - There are four sections - two have a selection of vegetables (Different types of mushrooms, onions, peppers, carrots, beansprouts and various noodles), one has herbs and spices (Chilli, garlic, ginger, coriander to name but a few) and meat (They had lamb, beef, pork, chicken and.......wait for it.......crocodile!!) and the last one has a selection of fresh fish (Salmon, tuna, prawns, squid - can't remember the other ones).

Then you basically hand the whole thing over to the chef who cooks it on a hot plate using the sauce that you chose and it's delivered to your table with a bowl of complimentary rice.

There is no limit to what you can have and you can be your own chef, creating a dish that is exactly what you want, without having to either chop things or cook things - Brilliant!! (Although they do have the cheesy line 'tame the appetite of the warrior within you' but I think I may be able to forgive them that!!)

We had a lovely night - we both wanted to try the crocodile but decided that we would share a bowl (It might have been disgusting) and that we would save it till last but by the time we had had a meat bowl (Chris had lamb and I had beef) and a fish bowl (Tuna for me and salmon for Chris) we were both absolutely stuffed. Although I have to say that we both tried the strangest textured mushroom (It is called a Coral Mushroom - see picture) we have ever looked like it was going to be really soft and melt in the mouth but was actually a bit crunchy - not chewy....crunchy. I remain unconvinced but Chris liked it (Always thought the boy was a bit weird!!). Ah well, we'll just have to go back another time to try the crocodile and the deep fried vanilla ice cream (It's not just Scotland!!)


  1. There's a Mongolian restaurant in Glasgow. Similar idea, but the sauce recipes were printed on the wall behind jars of spices and sauces like oyster sauce and coconut milk. You spooned and ladled according to your chosen sauce recipe and handed the lot to the chef. They didn't have crocodile, but they did have kangaroo. Probably not many kangaroos on Ghengis Khan's travels, but I did try it and it wasn't half bad. Katwoman

  2. I've tried kangaroo fajitas and they were yummy but your right - can't see Ghengis coming across many on his travels.

  3. Strangely enough there's a similar one in Dublin too- The mongolians must have taken a very long route Jo

  4. No one believes me to this day but back in 'o3 i saw Hillpiggy. We were on a short elephant treck out of the elephant thrainin camp and i saw him stanting off to the left of the trail. He still stood straight and looked fit. His piercing blue eyes still had the look of tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

  5. LOL Bob!! Welcome to the blog and I'm pleased to know HillPiggy is alive and well!!



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