Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Back to Bangkok

Well we made it......although I have to say that there were times that I didn't think we would!! We were delayed at Gatwick for half an hour (and we only had an hour and a half at Dubai as it was) then when we landed in Dubai we sat on the plane for about 10 minutes (aaargggg we're going to miss our connecting flight to Bangkok!!) so when we finally got off the plane and though the security checks we had to run to the next gate....we made it just in time!! Then we sat on the plane for another half an hour till they loaded all the luggage on (apparently ours was not the only plane to arrive late and I had had to run.....harrrumph!!). Anyway, we got home and as we were opening the door (being a bit puzzled why there were lights on) we were greeted with a huge 'Sawadeeka' as Moon flung her arms round us both!! We were not expecting to see her till Monday but there she was.....waiting for us.....with dinner at the ready - What a fantastic welcome home!! The following day when we surfaced Moon was already here preparing lunch - she doesn't work weekends so I said to her 'Erm Moon, you don't work on a Sunday' she replied 'Never mind Madame I miss you and Mr Chris, I holiday long long long, I help you today!!' well, you can't argue with that can you!!.


  1. Welcome back! Try and stay dry during this rainy season...

  2. Too late - We've already been soaked!!

    C x


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