Friday, 1 June 2007

Helloooo from sunny (well, rainy actually) Scotland

The best laid schemes of mice and men......

I had planned to let everyone know that we were heading off to sunny Scotland (for our first holiday in what feels like forever) but we were so bloody busy getting ready to go that I didn't have time!! (what with getting cat, who is now officially called Gai, to our lovely friend Claire, buying and wrapping all the Christmas pressies that we should have got at Christmas, packing, sorting out phones that will actually work somewhere other than Thailand.......I will stop listing everything now as I'm sure you have got the picture!!). So, here's the post - better late than never!! We're going to be in Scotland for two weeks (actually that's not true.....we're going to be in Scotland for 10 days, Manchester for 2 and London for 2).

We left at the delightful time of 1.30am Thai time on Friday morning (UK time - 7.30pm Thursday evening ) and arrived in Glasgow 12.30pm Friday afternoon which would have been 6.30pm Friday evening Thai time (Ha, so it only took us 17 hours to get here!! - We both smelled lovely :-)).

There are a couple of things that I just have to tell you -

We're drinking lots of really good (and cheap) red wine

We're eating lots of cheese (not that I'm trying to rub it in or anything.....well, ok I'll admit it.....that's exactly what I'm trying to do :-))


One of the first things we saw (at a beautiful Scottish Country house, Pollok House, no less) was a Katoey!! His boobs were waaay bigger than mine (and he wasn't wearing a bra - eeeeuuuwww) to add insult to injury he was also wearing a bustle (God alone knows why!!) and had a beautiful big bushy beard!! (Very feminine!!). My Gran's face was an absolute picture!! (I did suggest that Chris follow him to try and get a photo but he was having none of it so I had to doctor this one instead!!)


  1. The Katoey sounds like one of the characters in the Little Britian skits - have you seen that? So hilarious...

    Wine and cheese - the two very things I would fill up on when I was out of Thailand and missed terribly when I was in Thailand. Tried mangosteen wine once. Never again.

  2. Actually, the lack of cheese and wine is probably why Brits lose so much weight in Thailand, despite all that eating. No bad thing for the cholesterol, either (tell that to the French!). We're off to Spain on a research trip on Wednesday. Back Sunday. Tell Chris to watch the match for me tomorrow night!

  3. Amy - That's exactly what he looked like!! I really wish we'd managed to take a photo as he truely was a sight to behold!! Hmmm....mangosteen wine....I think I'll pass :-)

    Dad - Yes but Cheese and Wine is bloody good and you have no idea how much you miss it when you can't have it!! I'll tell him about the footy but I reckon we'll be in the pub


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