Friday, 8 June 2007

Lost in Translation - a guide to Glasgow phrases

Here are a few helpful phrases guaranteed to help make your trip to Glasgow a memorable one!!!
  • Howzitgaun? - How are you today?
  • Thatsnaborra - Your welcome it was no trouble
  • Witdaeyewant? - What would you like?
  • Hawdoanaminutamdainsumthin - Please wait for a minute till I finish what I'm doing
  • Gonnaepirritinapoke? - Can you put it in a carrier bag please?
  • Geesabreak!! - I am starting to loose my patience!
  • Geesafag? - Can I have a cigarette?
  • Geesalight? - Can I borrow your lighter or matches please?
  • Thatwummansarightnippysweetie!! - That lady over there is in a very bad mood!!
  • Maheidisnippinthedayneveragain!! - I have a really bad hangover and am never going to drink again!!!

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