Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Move over Glasgow Tourist Board......

I had forgotten how much I love my home town - Look how fab it is!!

This is Central Station which is the main train station in the city.

This is the Gallery of Modern Art (The statue with the traffic cone on it's head is a very well known symbol of Glasgow)

This is John Street (Cafe culture in a Scottish Styley!!)

The Kings Theatre

Merchant City

St Andrews Cathedral

and here are a couple more pics of Pollok House

If you've never been then you really should visit!!


  1. Stunning architecture!!! I esp. love the Pollock House. Your photos are so beautiful! My mother has been to Scotland and thoroughly enjoyed herself. I hope to visit all the countries in the UK in my lifetime, we Americans feel such a kin to you. :)

  2. Carol, they are lovely. Don't we have beautiful architecture? We really are lucky.

  3. Amy - Scotland is absolutley brilliant. The food is good (deep fried mars bar asside!!), the people are friendly and the scenery is stunning.I will do a proper post when we get back - at the moment I am stealing time on friends computers :-)

    JJ - The architecture in Glasgow is fantastic I just wish I could say the same about the weather!!

  4. Ah... I wondered when you were going to tell them the truth about the weather...

  5. Well, I guess they're here BECAUSE of the weather!

  6. Thaistory - LOL. I can think of loads of reasons to love Scotland but the weather is definately not one of them!!

  7. Thaistory - ahhhhhhh....I'm going to blame the jet lag that I'm currently suffering from!!!

  8. Glasgow weather really doesn't encourage 'cafe culture, does it? The tables are full on very good days, honest! It just so happens that these ones are nearly always in the shade of the buildings - good planning, that!
    Luv Katwoman ;-)


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