Thursday, 14 June 2007

Then onto Manchester ......

Where we met up with our lovely friend Onelia (Neils) who used to work with Chris. When we arrived we discovered that Ron (who also used to work with Chris) had arranged to stay overnight in Manchester so he could join us for dinner and have a few drinks. It was brilliant seeing them both again - Neils had decorated her house with streamers and balloons to celebrate the fact that we were in Manchester (Which really was a lovely thing to do and made us feel very welcome). We had such a laugh....we went to The Metropolitan for a few drinks (an old haunt of ours), popped into Reserve (which was our local wine shop and is just as good as it's always been) and then went into our favourite restaurant in Manchester - Ramblas (I had forgotten how much I loved their Chicken and Chorizo paella). We had a fantastic night and I was sad to leave the next morning although I think Neils is going to come and visit us in September so don't have long to wait till we see her again.

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