Friday, 27 July 2007

Oooohhh it was loooovely

To be honest I have never really understood why people make such a fuss about facials - the one I had with Sadie and Margaret was nice and everything but I wouldn't have raved about it.....this one however......

If you have never had a facial go to Bann Dalah on Soi 8 and try the Baan Dalah 7-Step Spa Facial with Light will not be disappointed!! It's 1,500 baht which is about £20 - lasts an hour and a half and is worth every penny (or should that be baht?)

My skin looks radiant and I feel like a million dollars!!


  1. You can book me in when I get there.

    Luv Mum xx

  2. Hi Carol

    Sorry I dashed off. You were right, I was unconscious before I knew it! That hadn't been the plan, however...

    You've definitely sold this facial to me though. I am there.

    See you soon

  3. It sounds so lovely! I miss the regular manicures, pedicures, facials, hair washes (incl. head massage) and massages I got. I also got a body scrub and oil treatment one time. It's just too expensive to splurge on here. I just got a manicure/pedicure about 4 days ago and with the tip it was $30 US! You can be sure that upon my next visit, I'll have appointments booked nearly every day!

  4. Mum - Consider it done!!

    JJ - OMG Jen the facial was brilliant!! We will definatley have to arrange another trip there and don't worry about looked shattered. Did the massage help your jet lag?

    Amy - If you like facials then I can seriously recommend that one!! It would be lovely to meet up when your here if you get the chance....

    C x


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