Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Time flies.....

On Monday we headed out to the Grand Palace - as the saying goes 'You've not been to Bangkok if you've not been to the Grand Palace'. It wasn't very sunny but was incredibly humid and I think it was probably the first time that we were all felt really hot and tired. It was funny - Tracey was interviewed by some students from one of the universities here and had just finished saying that tourists to Thailand should try and see as many temples as they could when Jo said 'I am completely templed out - There is only so much bling I can take!!' So we headed back to Khao San Road and found a brilliant pizza place (It was the best pizza I had had since moving here!! - can't remember the name of it......If it helps any it was down the alley towards Starbucks). When we got home we discovered that Moon had made ribs which are so tasty even Tracey and Jo ate them (and neither of them like ribs!!)

We had a chilled out day today. Tracey and I went and had a manicure and pedicure (For the record Jo is still the only person that didn't like it!!) then we met up with Derek and Jo who had gone for a mooch round Emporium. We had a few drinks in the house then headed out to the Dubliner with Moon as Jo, Derek and Tracey wanted to take her out for dinner to say thank you for taking such good care of them whilst they were here. We had such good fun - ate waaay too much, drank waaay too much and laughed a lot at the band that was playing!! (They were truly awful which is why I look like that!!)

I can't believe they leave tomorrow!!

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