Friday, 3 August 2007

I've had a brilliant Birthday.....and am still celebrating

We normally have our BWG Committee Meetings at the British Club in Silom but since we were planning to have a farewell lunch for our Patron Gwendolin Fall at the Erawan Tearooms I offered the use of our apartment (Didn't really think that one through!!). So on the morning of my birthday I was up at the crack of dawn running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything ready for the 13 women that would be arriving at the apartment at 9am (Chris was highly amused that I was up, showered and dressed before him on my birthday.....just as well it's only once a year!!).

I actually had a lovely morning. Chris gave me an extra couple of wee gifts - A really pretty fridge magnet with a Thai Design on it, a CD which I have been hankering after for ages but I couldn't remember the name of the band and an gel aroma bottle called Inspiration to help me with my drawing, Moon bought me a necklace and candle holder, Dao (Moon's Sister) got me a little wooden dragon and Jen bought me an absolutely gorgeous ring and a shoe jewellery box to put it in (The jewellery box is very cool (it's the pink one) - I now have a little shrine to shoes on my bedside cabinet!!). I got lots of compliments on the apartment (It was the first time most people had visited), Jen brought a beautiful big cake (Even if I was completely mortified when everyone sang happy birthday to me!!) and then we had a lovely lunch at the Tearooms.

I got back home about 4ish and had not been in long when Tom called......we had a right good gossip and then both got all excited when Tom said that he was going to book his flights so will be arriving on the 11th of January - can't wait!! (I tell you......6000 miles apart does not stop us doing simultaneous happy dances!!). Then about 5pm Chris walked in the door with a bottle of Champagne which was a lovely's so nice to get an evening with him because it really doesn't happen often!! We'd decided that we were going to stay in (He's taking me out for dinner on Saturday) so Moon cooked two of my favourite dishes and we watched Mr Bean's Holiday. Moon was in hysterics - she took one look at Rowan Atkinson then looked at Chris and said 'Ha you look same same Mr Bean!!' - She's been calling him that ever since!!

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