Friday, 3 August 2007

My own nominations

As you know I've been nominated for an award - The idea is that once nominated you nominate five other bloggers to show them what their blog means to you.

My five are as follows;

Inspirational Blogger Awards go to -
JJ at Tea Stains because her blog frequently makes me laugh out loud and helps me remember that I am not the only one who struggles with their creative demons (See....not just cause she nominated me!!), Amy at A Little Peek Inside - you just need to read her last post 'Who I am Makes a Difference' to know why and Peter at Peter May Live who only blogs when he is touring but was the one who uttered the words 'Bloody hell - stop moaning and start a blog!' whilst listening to me whinge about all the e-mails I was sending!!

Creative Blogger Awards go to -
Anna at Little Red Boat and Steve at Thai Blogs as they both have the ability to make me think when they are being serious and laugh myself silly when they are not!!

If you have been nominated then you need to go here to get your coveted prize and make your own nominations.


  1. Thank you so much Carol, I'm truly honored to be an Inspirational Blogger. :)

    What happens if I don't even read 5 other blogs? I only read a couple of them and some are friends' blogs who rarely post.

    Thanks for pointing out the other blogs you read, though, I'm going to bookmark them!

  2. Hi Carol:

    Thanks a lot. I'll get back to nominating a bit later.

    Much appreciated,

    Steve (thai-blogs)

  3. You are both very welcome!!

    C x

  4. Thanks for the nomination. I've often wondered, are offspring who write blogs just little bloggers? In any event, I'm glad you took my advice. I check in every morning, and am disappointed when you haven't posted. I'll be kicking off my own blog again in January when I return for another book tour of the States. This time with wine tasting thrown in. Big interest in this tour. Events are starting to queue up - so expect some boozy blogs.

  5. Ha - Little bloggers indeed!!!

    I look forward to hearing all the juicy details of your tour!!

    C x


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