Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Oh My GOD.........

I THINK MY HAND IS ABOUT TO FALL OFF!! Either that or it is going to stay in 'holding a pencil' shape forever.....I may have to go for a hand massage or I will end up scaring small children with my claw like paw (Ok I know that I usually do scare small children but to be fair it's not normally my hands that do it!!)

I have only one more drawing to finish and I will have reached my target of 30 (There were times I didn't think I would make it!!). I've already got 18 framed so tomorrow I will have to hot foot it to MBK to get the rest of the prints done then go onto the framers (If they don't go in tomorrow they won't be ready in time.....yikes!!). The invitations are done (Wellie called today and told me) so I can collect them from her tomorrow and the first major marketing campaign starts today.

I feel slightly sick!! (Must try not to think about it..........)


  1. will you ever scan or photograph any of these drawings you've done for your exhibition? I'm really curious to see what you've been creating. (sounds painful, too!)

  2. Amy - I have put a couple of pics on the blog in response to your comment. (I will be posting something soon so you will be able to see all of them - I am hoping to have it up by Friday 7th)

    C x


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