Friday, 14 September 2007

Chris is chuffed to bits.......

Those of you that know Chris will know that he is an avid reader of The Fortean Times and has been for some years (We have a big green box which is full of past issues). Well, when we visited Kanchanaburi with Sadie and Margaret we visited a cave at Wampo wooden Viaduct which had been used as a hospital (You can read about our trip here). Most people that were treated in that cave didn't make it back out again - It's a very odd place!!. Whilst we were there Chris spotted a spiders web that really looked like a skull and he took a photograph of it (It's a bit creepy isn't it!!).

For ages he's been talking about sending it into The Fortean Times and on Tuesday he finally got round to it. It's now on their website - you can see it by clicking here


  1. Death cave? That'll be right! He took that pic looking in the mirror, didn't he?

  2. Wild photo of that spider web!

    I've been busy but wanted to congratulate you on your art exhibition - your works are so beautiful and I'm happy that it was such a success. WELL DONE!

  3. Dad - does look a bit like him doesn't it!!! (he's going to kill me for saying that)

    Amy - Thanks honey - I'm really glad you like them.

    C xx

  4. That photo is FULL ON!! Very eerie!

  5. What an amazing photo! I'm not surprised Fortean Times published it. Very spooky!

    Love Mum xx

  6. Mel/Mum - It is isn't it!! Freaked me out when he pointed it out to me - especially when you consider the history of the place!!

    C x


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