Monday, 1 October 2007

I've been having a crisis of confidence

about my drawing.

I have given myself a good talking to.......I've sold 10 pictures in total, have broken even on what I spent getting everything together, raised over 7,000 baht for the BWG Welfare Fund, 5,000 baht for Moon's school fund, one of the logos Jenny and I worked on for the BWG has been selected (There were five for people to chose from) and is now up against the old one, I'm collaborating on an interesting project with Spiral Skies Jen and I have been approached to do stuff professionally for Soi Dog. On top of that I'm going to be a Vendor at the BWG lunch's in November and December and I've just spoken to Wellie who is planning to keep my exhibition up till the 18th of October and wants to keep a folder of my prints in the shop permanently. So I had absolutely no right to be having a wee flaky to myself!!

Normal service has been resumed ( normal as I get anyway!!)


  1. The wobblies are normal. Go easy on yourself - do it if you enjoy it, don't do the bits you don't enjoy. You can do it for you - it doesn't have to be for public consumption...
    You have achieved lots over a short period of time. Take stock of what you're doing now without rushing into something else.
    There, lecture over.

  2. Your absolutely right.....the only pressure on me was from me - I really am an eejit sometimes!!

    (am currently trying to persuade Chris that it's part of my charm.....I don't think he's convinced!!)

    C x

  3. You're not an eejit. Sounds like you've got a bundle of things on the go, loads that you've achieved and lots more that you want to do. Not surprising you've had a wee wobble.

    Anyway, normal service is great but wobbly service is nice too:))

  4. Oh, but don't the wibbly wobblies make the occasional sane bits seem such a relief?

    No wonder you're wibbled out - you're a wee dynamo!

    And... breathe... X

  5. Thanks Lane!! I have to say that I prefer my usual donuty service to the wobbly one. Hmmm....perhaps the wobbly one isn't so bad after all - Chris came back from Singapore yesterday with a beautiful writing set for me. (Proper brushes, a brush holder as well as an ink stick and a mixing stone - I am spoiled rotten)

    Jen - You mean the bits in between wobbles are the sane bits!! I'm doomed.....doomed I tell you (Now I'm taking lots of deep breaths ;-0 )

    C x


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