Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I want to be a hermit!!!

And do hermity things all day!! I want to grow the hair's on my legs to indecent lengths, eat lots of garlic, spend hours drawing and never talk to anyone ever again!! Actually.......that's not true.....I just feel like I don't want to ever speak again at this particular moment in time and in about five minutes I'll probably phone someone for a blether!! (Erm.....sorry about the hairy legs image)

It's been a frantic two days!! I was up and out again at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to go to Pakkred Orphanage - I've completed my forms and have now been assigned a little baby girl (I was slightly disappointed I didn't get Japanese Punk Boy but he's already got a volunteer). She's bright as a button and incredibly curious about everything (not to mention wriggly - I think most of her lunch ended up on me rather than in her!!). Actually, she is a lovely wee thing - very smiley (She did wipe her snotty nose on my top which I could have done without but hey ho!!). I've been told that I can now take photo's of her so I thought I would put together a scrap book........maybe paint her hands and feet and get her to put them on paper so that when she's adopted her new family will have a record of her early years. One of the other girls did something similar and I think it would be a good thing for me to do and it might help me not to get too attached (You know.....a reminder that she will eventually be part of someone's family......anyway I'm going to give it a go!!). When we got back the girls suggested that we go grab some lunch and they took me to a brilliant restaurant in the Ploenchit Centre called Beirut Restaurant. Oh my GOD it was fab......I had proper hummus (the first I've had since I've been here!!), Motabel (Aubergine purée with sesame, lemon juice and olive oil), a Lebanese mixed salad and Shawarma chicken (it only cost 150 baht which is about £2).........I was in seventh heaven!!

When I got home I had a couple of hours to have a shower and get myself organised for going back out again. I met up with Jen and the two of us headed over to Sue's house - she was hosting a Smoochie Smoochie lingerie party. Those ladies know good bra's when they see them - they had a vast array of designs, fabrics, sizes and most of the bra's came with the choice of a thong (which I can't wear cause my bum eats them!! That was a bit too much information wasn't it.......ach well you should be used to me sharing by now!!) or normal pants. I bought two beautiful bra's one is cream with a very pale purple ribbon and the other one is shocking pink with black lace!! They both fit perfectly......I've got my eye on another one as well but decided that it will have to wait till next month.

Then today I had my Welfare Team Meeting followed by a open session for people interested in volunteering. So, I was up at the crack of dawn (again) to write my Welfare Report for the month and then I went through all the mail and funding proposals we have received. It was a good meeting and the first time that we had actually totalled up how many people we have volunteering - I was gobsmacked.......I started this from scratch in April and so far we have 32 people who have actually given their time and only 4 that we've not managed to place yet. I'm pretty pleased with that!! The open session went really well too - I had 15 people in was supposed to run from 12 till 2 but the last ones didn't leave till 4.40pm. I have never talked so much in my life but it paid off - some have already put their names down to jobs and others are going to mull over the information then chose what they want to do......hopefully they will all sign up!!

Tomorrow I am going to learn how to cook Indian food. There are over ten of us going and we're going to be taught by a woman called Mrs Balbier - she has her own restaurant and TV show her so is a bit of a celebrity. Oooohhhh I hope she shows us how to make Dahl......I love Dahl!!


  1. Aw wriggly, bright baby sounds gorgeous. Her new family will be thrilled with the scrapbook.

    Nice sounding bras you foxy minx. Thongs = eugh. They make most backsides look like a bag of satsumas 12 days after Xmas.

    Am very impressed with your volunteer group - and its growth. You're a very busy gal.(Keep shaving though)!


  2. Wiggly giggly babies and new knickers sounds rather fun.

    Indian cooking sounds fab - I've never been brave enough to tackle that.

    You could take up macrame next and make plant holders out of leg hair ;0)


  3. Thong eating bottoms? OMG. Bum floss!! I'm trying to eat my dinner here!

  4. I like thongs, but the ones with the thicker back (not the shoe string ones) TMI??????

    I'm so impressed and moved by this post (the little girl scrap book bit) - that's such a beautiful thing to do.


  5. Lane - She is a wee cutie.
    Your description of backsides in thongs didn't half make me laugh....My friend reckons wearing them makes you 'walk like your arse is chewing a cabbage!!' there's an image...

    Jen - at least I would always know where I could source my materials!!! :-))

    Dad - LOL.....sorry I hope I didn't completely put you off your food!!

    Caroline - I think it's an easy thing to do that would give someone else a lot of pleasure.

    C x

  6. Have you checked Mrs Balbir's website? On the page about cooking classes the headline itself is hilarious enough "Are you concerned that your maid can't cook?" It then goes on to say that Mrs Balbir's Maid's cooking class offers the solution... but that's even funnier - she's left all the Latin gobbledygook that came with her website template! So it's just paragraph after paragraph of nonsense-talk! Let's hope her cooking skils are better than her website ones. Hey - when you see her, you could tell her you know a good web-mistress....

  7. Thai babies and children are SOOOO adorable! How fulfilling to get to volunteer in an orphanage.

    And nice that your friend has a lingerie business there in BKK. I remember it was very difficult finding bras n panties in my size. Shoes too, for that matter! It made me feel like an elephant, even though I wasn't fat at all...

  8. Jan - I hadn't really paid much attention when I put the link in. I've just had a look and your right....the website is awful!!

    Amy - I know exactly what you mean about feeling like an elephant!! (and I'm not exactly small so......)

    C x


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