Friday, 21 September 2007

Plotter the Donut

There is a plot a foot!! (I'll get to the plot bit in a moment but figured that I should probably explain the title of my post.)

Chris often can be heard calling me a donut.......I chose to view this as a term of endearment......secretly I know that it is because sometimes I have quite spectacular scatty moments and he reckons that there is a hole where my brain should be!! When I try and organise him (and believe me, sometimes he REALLY needs organising!!) he calls me 'Plotter the Donut' hence the title. ( all makes perfect sense now doesn't it.......or is this just a very scary insight into our marriage?)

I've had a rather interesting day (actually I've had a lovely day - I had lunch with a friend (Marina) at her gorgeous new apartment and then had afternoon tea with Jen and another friend (Debbie) I'd not seen for ages). Anyhooo....You may remember my dog drawing disaster a few months ago when I wasn't convinced that they actually looked like dogs (I think ball on sticks may have been mentioned) well Jen persuaded me that they did look like dogs and that I shouldn't just bin them. I didn't really know what to do with them so after much deliberation I decided that I would donate them to Soi Cat and Dog (SCAD) Bangkok which is the charity we got Gai and Lugs from. I am completely rubbish and have only just got round to actually handing them in (See.....your all now thinking ahhhh.....that's why he calls her a donut). I got a phone call today from Claire who works at SCAD.....she has asked me to do another three so that they can be turned into a set of six cards isn't that cool!!! aaaannnnd they might even put them on T-shirts!! She then asked me if I would be willing to design a cat that they could use on their website......she said that they would double their normal fee (which is 0) and I decided that with such a generous offer I couldn't say no!!

And then another exciting thing happened.......(So really there are two plots a foot).......I have been saying for a wee while that I would love to try doing some illustration stuff since I find words very inspiring. Jen and I were going to do something together (We've got the idea and everything!!) but she's in the process of writing her first novel so it's had to go on the back burner (You can read about how she is getting on can also read about bottom's but I'm not going to go into that). She's joined something called The Novel Racers and through her I've started reading a few of the other blogs (Some I comment on and on others I just lurk......not confident enough to add my waffles) and I regularly read Jen's (aarrgggg too many Jen's so maybe I need to start referring to Jen in Bangkok as JJ like she does on her blog and the other Jen as anyone else confused or is it just me?) blog Spiral Skies. It looks like we are going to collaborate on a project......I'm not going to say too much about it at the moment because we're in the process of trying to work out exactly what that project is going to be

I'm very excited and she is striding across hills waving her arms about!!


  1. Ah, infamous for my lunacy across the continents now.

    Collaboration and striding are where it's at, doncha know?!?!

  2. This sounds exciting...intruiging...and lots of other ..ings. A 'Jen/Carol Collaboration 'sounds like dynamite:))

    By clicking through to your previous doggie dilemmas, I see you have not mad hair, but very nice 'mad' hair. And very, very nice doggie drawing btw.

    Am honoured that you look and nay ..comment on my blog.

  3. Sounds very exciting......sort of I guess if I knew what it was except that it's collaboration and that is always exciting......I think I'll stop there!

  4. Jen - Collaboration I can do....striding is completely out of the question.....I live in Bangkok.....If I try striding I would melt into a greasy puddle!! (Could possibly do the waving arms around though!!).

    Lane - It is exciting. I can't write and she can't draw so we're hoping that between us we can come up with something fab!! We've got a couple of ideas.....

    Ahhh but in those posts my hair was pulled wasn't allowed to escape and do it's wild woman thing!! (Chris affectionately calls me 'mop top' in addition to donut!!)

    I love your blog!! :-)

    Liz - Welcome. It is very exciting.....we are not entirely sure what it's going to be yet but I think we're both looking forward to finding out!!

    C x

  5. Plotter the Donut - how cute does that want to be!!

  6. Mel - He does make me laugh!! (And he does have a vast number of stupid names for me!!)

    C x

  7. OMG! I am going to burst. Please tell us all soon!

    I have a feeling that with you two together it'll be totally bonkers and rather special.

  8. Caroline - All will be revealed as soon as we know what it's going to be!!

    Oooohhhh I do hope that it will be bonkers and special!!

    C x


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