Tuesday, 11 September 2007


You know....it's not easy putting a price on something that you have created (If it was up to me I would be giving the drawings away - probably just as well it's not up to me then eh!!). Anyway, I had a chat with my pricing guru Georgie and explained to her that I was feeling a little uncomfortable (I'm just chuffed to bits that people actually like them and want to buy them) and she said that what mattered most was that I was happy and so we have agreed to drop the price of the prints (She refused point blank to let me drop the price of the originals so don't get too excited!!).

The prints are now available framed for 2,600 baht and unframed for 2,000 baht (which works out at £30 unframed and £40 framed)

I am feeling a lot happier now!!


  1. Sounds cheap to me!
    Years ago I used to have stalls at Greenwich and Convent Garden selling my 'artwork' and I'd tie myself up in knots over pricing. Thing is, if someone likes your work, they'll pay a decent price for it.
    It's a tricky one..
    Good luck:))

  2. Thanks Lane - not sure about cheap but I'm definately happier.

    I loved browsing in Covent Garden when I lived in London (I do miss that kind of thing). What sort of things did you make?

    C x

  3. Hi C&C

    This was many years ago, probably sixteen in fact. I sold (and I use the word loosely here) paintings - mainly landscapes which were a bit abstracty. The Covent Garden one was the art market every month and I hated it (other stall holders....shudder) but the Greenwich one was every weekend and great fun. Aah those were the days.....

  4. I would love to be able to paint landscapes but I'm just not great with paint (I find it a bit intimidating!!). I know what you mean about the Covent Garden art market - The vendors always looked at me like I was scum and didn't have two pennies to rub together. I still enjoyed going down there and lowering the tone!!

    C x


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