Thursday, 6 September 2007

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Well, it's the day before the exhibition (Oh my God Oh my God!!) and there are a few people without whom it would never have happened (and lots of people of people who have given me encouragement and advice) I really want to say
Firstly I want to thank Chris. He has been the one that's made it possible - He's given me so much love and support not to mention financed the entire thing (and it's not been cheap!!) Honestly, I think I would have given up by now if he hadn't been there telling me that yes I can draw and no I'm not allowed to throw my pad out the window in despair!! He didn't even complain when I said things like 'Since we are here do you mind if I pop into the art store?' (those of you who know Chris will know how much he looooves that was pretty major!!).

Secondly I want to thank my lovely Step-Mother Janice. She has been an absolute star and if it wasn't for her you lot would not get to see any of my stuff - she's a Website whiz and has worked bloody hard to get it all up and running. (If you are interested in setting up your own website I can't recommend her highly enough - she was an absolute pleasure to work with. You can see samples of her work and her prices at Voyager Website Design)

Thirdly I want to thank Georgie without whom I would never have been able to put a price on anything!! She came over and worked out how long each piece took me to produce, what my costs were (Framing, printing, materials etc), did some research into what others charge and then came up with a price. Ha - so you can blame her!! (passing the

Fourthly (Is that even a word?) I want to thank Elyssa (Liss). If it was not for her I think I would still be sitting in the middle of the floor in Pandora's (possibly crying my eyes out!!). She called me this morning to see how everything was going and I was in mid panic - she then met me at the shop (she even brought me an iced mocha with cream on top........yum) and helped me decide which picture to donate to the raffle, which ones should be displayed outside on easels and what should go where. She then roped Krung (Her Driver) into hanging the pictures for me (He was fantastic too and wasn't happy until they were hanging exactly right). I really would not have been able to do it without their help!!!

and last but by no means least

I want to thank Wellie - She is the one that started all this by giving me the opportunity to have an Art Exhibition in the first place!!! (Why do I feel a sudden urge to kill her??)

So........the drawings are done, framed and hung - the Wall Decals have been stuck, everything has been priced, the prints have been handed to Wellie along with a stock list, the website has been put together and a restaurant has been booked for afterwards (I had to book a table for 23 people). The exhibition is at Pandora's on Sukhumvit Soi 53 and it starts at 6pm (There will even be free wine - not that I'm trying to bribe people or anything!!). Wellie is expecting over 100 people to turn up tonight (oooohhhhh writing that makes me want to go running for the nearest you think I would get away with pulling a sicky?)

Tomorrow I will launch the website here.

I am so nervous it is unbelievable (God I hope it all goes OK!!)


  1. Best of luck Carol - it will all be fine - have one of those glasses of wine and you will wonder what the fuss was all about!!


  2. Thanks Dad

    Alex - You were the time I was on my third glass of wine I was feeling much better about the whole thing. (The fourth glass - was on top of the world!!)

    Chris says Hi (He's just wondered into the room)

    C x

  3. Glad to hear it all went well - we just knew it would!

    Sent you an email via the link on this site to update you on my news.... not as exciting as yours though!


  4. Alex your news is very exciting - Congratulations!!

    I've just responded to your e-mail.....sorry I kind of forgot to check the onlyinthailand one.

    (Slightly worried that senility is setting in)

    C xxx


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