Saturday, 6 October 2007

and here are my babies.....

Lane over at Lane's Write did a lovely post the other day about when she rescued her wee moggie and it got me thinking that I should probably do an update on our splats (or cats as they are otherwise known!!). are a couple of pictures of Gai when we first got him....he really did look like a plucked chicken didn't he

and here's what he looks like now. Can you believe that is the same cat!!!

And here's one of Lugs with his wee Bangkok Tail!!

JJ - I didn't have a photo of the cat's bottom so I drew you one :-)


  1. NO NO No no, I said cats and dogs bottoms definitely not cute! Not cute... eeeeewwwwgh.

  2. I love the splats! They are just too edible:-) Also like the splats house with the big gaping mouth:-)
    BTW I verily passeth onto you a nice shiny award.You can chose between pink or green but I think pink is soo you:-)

  3. Awwwww what a beautiful cat!

  4. Aw, I love the stubby little tail... there's something so abandoned and orphan-like about it somehow?

  5. Splats - that's so funny! What cute lil critters you have. Love the drawing too, and how you included the little o at the bottom of the tail. LOL! :)

  6. JJ - Look on the bright least it's just a drawing!! I, on the other hand, have just had lugs stick his in my face!!

    Lane - Thank you very very've made my day!! *Am now smiling despite the fact that I have a very bad cold, a big red nose and sound like a Dalek*. The splats now have a new house which is shaped like an octopus (a big red one)

    Caroline - *Grins* thanks :-)

    Jen - It took me ages to get used to it but now I couldn't imagine him with a normal one. He's not deprived either.....when he's bored he plays with Gai's tail!!

    Amy - They are very sweet little things (when they want to be!!).

    C x

  7. They're soooo cute, and so wee compared to my monster moggies (Spot weighs over a stone!). Looking forward to meeting your wee splats in person - can you say that about a cat?
    Luv, Mum xx

  8. Liz - So is your snowy!!

    Mum - That is a fat cat!!

    C x


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