Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Happy as a wee clam

I've just got back from my check up at Bumrungrad today (You may remember that Mini Me was causing some problems). My Doc is very happy.....My liver function is now normal......(wooo hooo)......and my Gall Stones have.......wait for it......completely disintegrated!!! This means no more searing pain AND no operation which is why I am happy as a wee clam!! (You will be pleased to learn that I restrained myself from doing a happy dance in his office......he already thinks I'm bonkers and I didn't want to run the risk of being committed!!)

An update on Mini Me - She is still there, and will probably be there for some years to come, so I will need to go back and have another MRI scan in four months, then six months, then a year......just to keep an eye on her but my Doc seems to think that she shouldn't cause me any more problems. I am so relieved.......


other exciting news......(actually it might just be exciting to me but I don't care!!)......a group of us went to meet with the Manager of the Amari Watergate Hotel yesterday about the fashion show that we are going to be holding there. Jen and I went along so we could see where the catwalk is going to be and so that we could talk to the manager about the set design (We're going to go and have the shoe re-drawn using a good graphics package so it can be scaled up and used as part of the set). What really got me all excited is that my wee shoe drawing is now going to be re-produced as a 3D ice sculpture - how cool is that!!! (Sorry couldn't resist!!)


  1. Glad you are feeling better.
    We will be staying at an Amari in Bangkok when we go to get Patsakorn. Not sure which location but there's a sky train nearby. Is this the same one you went to today?

  2. Hi Tracey - I think it probably will be. It's a lovely hotel and I can highly recommend their buffet lunch :-)

    When are you coming to get your little one?


  3. So relieved that you're not going to need an operation - that's not the kind of theatre you want to visit.

    The ice sculpture sounds fab - you must take some pics.
    Luv Mum xx

  4. I've just spent an interesting couple of minutes looking at your insides:-)
    Very pleased to hear Mini Me is behaving and gallstones all gone. Hurrah:-)

    That is a fab shoe drawing. Can't wait to see the ice sculpture:-)

  5. We hope to travel either April or May. Heard it is really hot that time of the year. It is hot and humid here in the south. We had record temps this summer of 107. I don't think you ever get used to it. What organization is the orphanage you volunteer at? If you don't mind saying. I'm pretty sure that there are only 3 agencies in America that can adopt out of Thailand. WACAP, Holt (ours), and AAI.

  6. What a relief you're better. At least at Bumrungrad you're well cared for - I know I gave birth to my son there! :)

    Very very cool shoe picture. Please do take photos when it's an ice sculpture!

  7. Mum - Not nearly as relieved as I am!!! Photo's will definately be taken....they are talking about doing a giant shoe in flowers as well so I'll take photo's of that too (If they do it that is)

    Lane - It's quite amazing that they gave me the pics isn't it!! I found the whole thing rather fascinating (and a bit odd)

    Tracy - That is smack bang in the middle of the hot season. If you time it right you could arrive for Songkran when the whole country turns into one big water fight :-). It is a hell of a long wait for you though!!
    I have no idea what the organisation is - I thought it just came under Pakkred Orphanage. I'll try and find out for you next time I go (There has been an outbreak of an infectious disease there - nothing serious but we're not to visit for two weeks)

    Dad - It's brilliant news isn't it!!!

    Amy - I love Bumrungrad (well, as much as one can love a hospital - you know what I mean)'s more like visiting a hotel than a hospital.

    C x

  8. So good to hear your news - it must be such a relief. No operation, ice sculpture and by the sound of things you are over the cold as well. Not bad for a couple of days.

    Tell Chris that Pink Cowboy Sexy Dance and the baglady say hi !


  9. 'In a Bag' Tracey - I did laugh at your comment and will pass on your best to Chris :-)

    How's everything with the two of you?

    C x


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