Monday, 8 October 2007

Housecoats and tea

I have a cold - a real nasty cold!!! It started sneaking up on me on Friday and by Saturday afternoon had turned into the full blown - blocked nose, sore throat, hot and cold sweats kind of cold. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't feel so listless with it!! Normally the idea of a whole day in the house means yippeee (......e-mailing, blogging, drawing......what to do first!!) but yesterday I had all the energy of a damp sponge. (Seriously, I watched three mediocre movies and didn't even have the energy to complain about them.....Chris was astonished!!).

I felt a little better this morning so decided not to cancel the meeting I had. I finished Miss Meow for SCAD Bangkok (This is her singing), met up with Carolyn and then went to our meeting. That was a bad move - I felt so bad when I got back that I ended up having to go back to bed (very unusual for me!!). I snoozed for about an hour, got up, had a shower and I am now sitting at the computer wrapped up in Chris's huge housecoat, with a cup of tea next to me and a purring cat on my knee. I still feel awful but have decided I don't care

I love Housecoats - particularly oversized ones that you can wrap yourself up in when you feel crappy

I love Tea - a hot cup of milky tea

and there is nothing like a purring cat to cheer you up (especially when he's just touched your nose with his nose after you have had a coughing fit!!)


  1. Hope you feel better's so horrible to be fluy and sniffly. Like I said on jj's blog last week, I haven't have the flu in 3 years.. weather agrees with me here. I wonder if it's the pollution and number of people in Bkk that makes more people get sick. Take care C.

  2. Too many showers!! And, by the way, while you're still shedding virus you shouldn't go sharing them - no matter how generous you feel!

  3. You poor thing - that energy-sapped feeling is the pits.

    I love Miss Meow, she looks very regal. I wonder which song she's singing? Was going to suggest 'Love Cats' but that would be predictable so I won't...

    Hope you're on the mend X

  4. Aww - I'm sending you some cyber Super Strength Mr Hen Sip, t-pod for endless supply large milky tea and a pile of Suggestive biscuits:-)

    Love Miss Meow:-)

    ps housecoat = dressing gown yes? My idea of a housecoat is something nylon that 1950's housewives used to wear and somehow I don't quite picture you in one of those:-)

    Snuggle down with those splats and get better soon xx

  5. Cheers Mel - God I hate being all ill and miserable!! (although probably not as much as Chris hates me being all ill and miserable!!). I'm feeling better today.....and I got a free lunch!!

    Dad - Hmmm....I don't even want to contemplate how I would smell if I didn't have a shower a day!!

    Jen - Oooohh I adore that song....not heard it in ages...must go and dig it out. Hey you could also have Stray Cat by the Rolling Stones or What's new pussycat? by Tom Jones or.....I'm going to stop there!! :-)

    Lane - How I dream of a T-pod.......
    Thanks for the cyber comforts and yes housecoat = dressing gown. I don't know the 1950's nylon housecoat look could work for me.....then again....perhaps not!!

    C x

  6. Poor wee thing :-( Chicken soup is good for colds. As for the housecoat thing - they were certainly nylon, usually floral and quilted, with a lace-edged collar - not a good look, even then! Hope you feel better soon. Luv Mum x

  7. ps - Love the singing cat, could she be singing 'Precious Miaowments'? (sorry) Luv Mum x

  8. aaarrrggg Mum - That was awful!!!!


  9. Get well soon honey. I love your Miss Meow. It's fabtastic.

  10. Glad you like her Caroline. I had fun drawing her!!

    C x


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