Sunday, 21 October 2007

I learned something last night

I learned that if you are a man living here then you should not shave naked!!

We had a dinner party last night.......I always think that it's a great idea to have people over till I actually get down to the cooking part. I spent most of Friday and yesterday cooking!! I made a three course meal for six people......Chicken Kebabs, Lamb Tagine, Rose Ice as a palate cleanser followed by a caramel and chocolate tart - I am all cooked out!!).

Anyway - it was an absolute hoot!! We invited Sue & Jon (Sue was the one that drove us to Wat Sakeaw) and Julie & Dave (We don't have any pics of Dave but Julie is the one waving the flag here). Well, when Jon walked in he informed Chris that he should never shave whilst naked. Sue just looked at him and shook her head as he then went on to tell us that he had been bitten that either an ant or a mosquito......on the end of his willy!! He then went on to describe in great detail how swollen it was and what colour it was!! (I told him last night that I was going to have to blog about this!!) I have to be honest.....we were less than sympathetic......we laughed......we laughed a lot!! (we are very bad people!!). That kind of set the tone for the evening!!!

A lot of wine was consumed.....I confess I felt slightly delicate this morning - I didn't used to get hangovers but I think those days might be over!!


  1. Thank god there are no photos of poor ol' John's damamged doodah!

    Sounds like a great time was had:-)

    I used to think hangovers were for wimps. Unfortunately nowadays they hurt ... badly:-)

  2. Lane - LOL. He did offer to show us but we politely declined!!

    C x

  3. LOL! C, you know if you had that picture your blog would now be rated R XXX(instead of G!)according to jj's rater!
    I'm so coming to your house when I'm in Bangkok, sounds like a delish feast!

  4. Ditto what Lane mind boggles :-)

  5. Ooh, sausage casserole wouldn't have gone down well then! Not that anyone would want to eat a hotpot in Thailand.

    Sounds like you had a ball... Rose Ice sounds fabulously Art Deco. Mmmmm...


  6. Eeeugh. Rather more information than we needed. I'll never look at him in the same way again!

  7. Mel - You will be most welcome to come over for a feast!! (Although the way I am feeling at the moment you may have to cook your own :-0 )

    Liz - There are some places that I am just not willing to go.....and that's one of them :-)

    Jen - Now if I'd known then I could have made a sausage casserole and cranked up the aircon!! The Rose Ice is lovely, very easy to make AND it's low fat. I'll send you the recipe.

    JJ - That makes two of us!!

    C x


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