Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Melbourne Cup

We went to The Amari Watergate Hotel yesterday to celebrate The Melbourne Cup. It was a fantastic started at 9.30am with champers (having been last year Jen (JJ) and I thought it would be a good idea to go a wee bit later) so we didn't arrive till 11am - and guess what.......we managed to completely miss the race!!! Oh well.....we only went for the alcohol anyway!!

This photo is of the venue - people get all dressed up as you can see from the people on the stage and the horse in the corner of the picture

This is Claire as one of the Carmen Mirandas

The horse turned out to be Wellie who hosted my Art Exhibition

It was a really good laugh and Mum had a ball but as you can all got a bit messy!!

We went to the after show party in the Soi 8 bar.....I think we left sometime around 10pm.....and we eventually got to bed just after midnight (once we had managed to kick my friend Louise out the door!!)

I am happy to report that no-one in our household was 'Hang hang hang' today - although I think Louise was feeling slightly delicate!!!


  1. It looks like you're having such fun. Enjoy honey x

  2. I like the lady with the bananas on her head... is that you? :)


  3. Caroline - We're having loads of fun but I am completely knackered!! I think I'm going to need a holiday to recover from her visit!!

    Jen - I wish....the lady with the bananas on her head is the lovely Claire (I'm much rounder and have big hair!!)

    C x


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