Saturday, 3 November 2007

Mum has arrived safe and sound

Chris has a mutant's nothing serious......there is fluid in the joint caused by a repetitive strain injury (Basically he leans on it too much when he's sitting in the office - I'm not kidding that's what's caused it!!). It's all spongy and pointy and gross - well it was before we went to Bumrungrad this morning and had it drained again (Ooooh aren't you just delighted that I chose to share that with you!!!). Anyway, we went to the hospital then to the airport to collect my Mum......Chris was bored whilst we waited so was playing with his new camera and managed to take a photo of the massive cartoon cat that the airport has got on it's floor (I have no idea why it is there but hey......) the good thing was that he had the camera at the ready when she emerged from the gate!!.

We had such a lovely day (It was fab seeing her). When we got home Moon had prepared a fantastic lunch so we tucked into spicy chicken coconut soup, deep fried fish and chicken cooked with vegetables and cashew nuts followed by some really nice fruit (Sorry - I have no idea what it's called in English but this is what it looks like). We showed her round the apartment and she got settled in before we opened a bottle of sparkling wine and swapped Birthday and Christmas presents. I made my Mum cry!!! You know that big, complicated drawing I was whinging about....well, it was for her........and she loved it (Yay. If you look closely you will see a drawing of my mum in her younger days and one of wee me......Chris told me she would cry and he was right!!) . We got some lovely things........a smashing bottle holder that looks like an artist (no comments about me being a piss artist please!!) made from metal, a brilliant towel which looks like a kilt (Sporran and all), we both got watches and she even managed to bring a bottle of wine from Perthshire from Sadie (Not too sure what that will taste like but we'll give it a go!!). After the sparkly was scoffed we headed along to Cheap Charlies for a couple of drinks and then onto Cabbages and Condoms for dinner. Honestly, the difference Chris's new camera has made is unbelievable - you can now see exactly how pretty it is there!! Mum loved it!! (and look.....she's been in the country one day and they've already got her labelled as a Jungle Banana!!)


  1. Your complicated drawing is stunning!
    You're super talented honey x

  2. That is the most amaaazing drawing.
    Totally wunderbar!

  3. Caroline - Thanks honey :-). I can't tell you how glad I am that it's finished!!

    Lane - I'm so chuffed you like it!! *insane grin*. I was literally having nightmares about it!!

    C x


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