Sunday, 4 November 2007

Vimanmek Palace

Today we were up and out fairly early (with Moon and our downstairs neighbour Marisa in tow). Ha that was many people can you fit in a taxi? There were four of us in the back and two in the front....poor Marisa was completely squashed but decided after about five minutes that she was absolutely fine cause she could no longer feel either of her feet so they didn't hurt anymore!!

I've visited Vimanmek Palace before (You can read about it here) so I'm not going to bore you with the history of the place again. We did go to a couple of the other buildings this time as well......we went into the Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall which houses an exhibition of the Support Foundation's Thai Handicrafts - OMG some of the things they had in there were stunning and I have to say that I am completely baffled as to why they are not available in the shop at the Palace (Currently you can buy milk and washing up liquid.......odd things to sell when you get lots of tourists visiting). We did have a good laugh at Mum's expense when she uttered the words 'You can really admire the handiwork on that chicken' whilst gazing at a really hideous silver carved chicken!! (She has been teased about it ever since). We also went into the Suan Bua Residential Hall which housed some of King Bhumibol's personal collection - there were Buddha images from all over the world (Including a stunning Indian one that Marisa and I were coveting), personal photos of the current Royal Family as well as ones that were taken by past royals and a whole host of other things. We discovered the Kings collection of Volkswagen Camper Vans, as you can see, as well as his collection of Carriages....he's even got a Royal Tuk Tuk (How cool is that!!). It was fab!!

We left the Palace and headed straight for the pub to recover from our squashed taxi journey (purely for medicinal purposes you understand!!) then we went out for a curry. (After spending the day with Marisa the Indian Sniffer there was nothing else for it but to introduce Mum to the joys of a Doza)


  1. Your mum is going to regret ever mentioning those words about the chicken:-) The Palace looks incredible!

  2. The Palace is absolutely fab and the best bit is everyone only ever goes to the Palace so the rest of the grounds are practically deserted!!

    She's not managed to live down the whole chicken thing yet but she's still got a way to go to beat the time she tried to resurrect Chris's dead Dad!! I think that was her all time classic!! It was just before our wedding and she told someone that she wasn't sure if Chris's Dad was going to make it......Chris's comment was 'If he does show up then we REALLY shouldn't be getting married!!!'

    C x

  3. Thanks Carol, Chris's Dad has haunted me like Banquo's ghost ever since! As for the chicken comment, it really was hideous, but I had to admire the craftsmanship... However, I should have admired it silently!!! Chickens are sure to feature prominently from now on.

    Lol Mum ;-)) xx


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