Wednesday, 19 December 2007


You know's such an easy thing to do and it can really make a huge difference to someone's life!!

Two lovely things happened yesterday -

I don't blog about it every week but you know that I go with a few friends to Pakkred Orphanage to visit the kids (I have been assigned to Mo-Cha-Ya (little 7 month old girl) who not only recognised me today but actually waved at me from her cot!!). Well whilst we were there today we spotted an older couple deep in conversation with Khun Som (She is one of the ladies that runs the place). They were just across the grass from where we were sitting and we thought that perhaps there were there to take home a child that they had been matched with (we have seen this before and it's just brilliant watching the little one go to start a new life). We were in the middle of speculating about this when a 20 something lad came over to us and thanked us for coming to visit the babies and that he had been told first hand what a difference it can make to their development. It turned out that he was adopted from Pakkred when he was just over a year old and the older couple were his Mum and Dad.......he wanted to see where he had started life. It was incredibly moving - I can't even begin to imagine how he must have felt.

The second lovely thing -

Every year The British Club hold a Christmas Party for kids from an orphanage that they support throughout the year. (The orphanage specialises in taking care of children who have profound hearing difficulties or are completely deaf). So Caroline, her daughter Hannah and I headed over to The British Club to meet up with my other volunteers Gale, Carolyn, Wiff and Tanya to help out. It was fab - there was face painting, biscuit decorating (which proved very popular as the biscuit could be eaten after), a bouncy castle, clay moulding, pony riding and a huge slide and all this was followed by a spectacular magic show (which involved disappearing chickens!! I have no idea how the hell the guy did it!!) and dinner. Then the guest of honour turned up (yes, Santa.....who else!!) in his Tuk Tuk (none of this reindeer nonsense!!) and gave each child a present (Which had been sponsored by the BWG) and do you know what.......after the presents had been handed out the kids were told that they could give their presents to us. Every child had made a card or a Christmas tree decoration and they got to choose who they were going to give it to - Santa got the most (which was to be expected) but all the volunteers left with a little pile. I've scanned a couple of mine so you can see them....... (The ones on the left represent the hand shape you make when you want to tell someone you love them. The writing on the hand says love and the writing on the arm of the other one is the girls name)

I don't volunteer to get thanks or recognition - I do it because I know that I am incredibly lucky and I feel that the least I can do is help someone who has it a hell of a lot tougher than I do. (especially being here where the difference between those that have and those that don't is so huge)

I had a wonderful day yesterday and it has actually put me in the Christmas Spirit (I am still singing the same Christmas Carol line over and over again but somehow I don't mind so much today!!)


  1. You know Carol, it takes a lot to make me cry, extreme pain usually but I found my eyes leaking. Your first lovely thing was wonderful but it was your second lovely thing that did it:-)

    And I'm trying to work out how Mo-Cha-Ya's feet go on that way?:-)

  2. Lane I did very well....I managed not to leak (although there were times when I didn't think I would make it!!). They were so proud that they were able to give us something that they had made.....words kind of fail was just so so lovely.

    Ha, she's multi-talented don't cha know!! (I now have an image of a very small baby with HUGE feet in my head and it's making me giggle......husband has just asked why I am laughing....he's now shaking his head in despair at both of us!!)

    C x

  3. sigh..there I go being all envious of you again. So many opportunities in Bangkok. What a cutie pie and what a great story, thanks for sharing C ;-D

  4. Mel - You....envious of me......your the one building an Arc!!!

    But on a serious note - you are experiencing Thailand in a way I will never be able to and I'm envious of that (but happy that I can get a glimpse via your fab blog!!)

    C x

  5. I'd have cried. What very special gifts, on so many levels.

    Have you painted Mo-Cha-Ya's feet and hands and printed them on paper for the scrap book? Come to think of it, I'd probably have cried at the orphanage as well. Keep up the good work.

    Love Mum xx

  6. Beautiful story, Carol. You are truly an amazingly kind and compassionate person. It takes a big heart to volunteer. I love it!

  7. Mum - I've not done that yet but am planning to. Chris has taken a few days off over Christmas (so we are actually going to have some time together which I'm really looking forward to) and he's said that he would like to come to Pakkred with me so I thought I might do it when he's there to give me a hand. (You would have cried there is no doubt about it!!)

    Amy - Thank you.....that is a lovely thing to say (but I'm not really you know :-D)

    C x


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