Monday, 21 January 2008

BWG Fashion Show

OMG it was brilliant!! I have soooo much admiration for the women and the husbands that got up on the stage to strut their funky stuff........they were absolutely fantastic!! (personally I would rather have poked my eye's out with a blunt teaspoon!!) The team that were involved in putting the show together deserve a medal - it looked so classy and the show was absolutely brilliant.

We started the evening in our local pub where we met up with Caroline (She was supposed to be coming with her husband but he'd been sent to the States for a meeting at the last minute and his flight wasn't due in till after midnight!!). We got some very funny looks as we wondered down our soi - Chris and Tom looked very handsome in their DJ's and I was wearing me posh frock (I admit that some of the funny looks were probably down to the fact that I was wearing my posh frock with a pair of flip flops (There was no way I was walking to the pub in my killer heels!!) and was carrying my shoes!!). We had a couple of drinks and then headed to the Amari Watergate which was where the show was being held. (We all wanted to know exactly what Tom was doing with his hand in this photo but Marissa wasn't telling!!)

The first thing I saw when I stepped out of the lift was the ice sculpture!! I have to be honest and say that I was ridiculously excited about how good it looked.....then was all embarrassed as I was made to go and stand in front of it by Chris and Tom so that they could take some photo's. We mingled, drank champagne and listened to Jazz (One of the international schools here have a Jazz band that are really good!!) Oh, and got our photo's taken by the professional photographer hired for the evening.

The room looked stunning. The fashion show stage was in the middle with an enlarged shoe at the end of it and all the tables had been decorated in red, white and black (the tables even had lights in them so they cast the most gorgeous red glow). The food was great - the starter was a mushroom terrine which was then followed by leek and potato soup then we had a choice of beef, fish or vegetarian (we all had the beef) and then there was caused much hilarity at our table ......there was a strawberry mousse, a divine chocolate mousse and then strawberry's and cream in....wait for it......a chocolate teacup - We have now found a use for a chocolate teacup!! (some on our table had not heard the expression 'That's about as much use as a chocolate teacup' and couldn't understand why Chris, Tom and I were in hysterics!!). Then the fashion show started when we were being served our coffee.

There were five groups each of whom had their own designer and there was only one lot of clothes that we really didn't like.......the rest were really stunning. The men were hilarious with some of them really camping it up for the occasion - at one point four of them came on stage dressed like the blues brothers and then proceeded to pull lingerie out of their was fab (Tom said that if they are doing it again next year he will plan his trip over to coincide with it!!).

Then there was dancing till the wee small hours (There was also a midnight snack but I managed to miss it entirely) - None of us are 100% sure when we finally made it home (we all think it was around 2ish but everything was a bit hazy by the end of the night!!)


  1. WOW! What a party! I've never attended an event like that before and have only read about them in the society pages of the newspaper. Speaking of which, keep a lookout for your photos in the media!

  2. I still can't get over how completely brilliant that ice sculpture is.

    It all sounds heavenly, every single part of it. It must be wonderful to have a night of pure, unadulterated glamour... sigh...


  3. Wow, you glamourpuss! Did you ever think one of your creations would turn into a gigantic ice sculpture! Brilliant! Looks like an awesome night. Very suave chaperones for the evening!

  4. What a fab night! You all looked fantastic, and the ice sculpture really did your logo justice! So glad it was such a success. Congrats to everyone involved.

    Love Mum xx

  5. Amy - I was such a good night!! (*whispers* Is this when I say that I have actually had my photo in the society pages!!)

    Spiral Jen - I really was ridiculously pleased with it!! I loved getting all dressed up to go out and I love getting to see everyone else in all their finery too!!

    Mel - Never in a million years!!
    I did have rather lovely chaperones - Tom ended up with two dates, Marissa and Caroline, and we all laughed when we realised that his cummerbund and bow tie matched both their outfits!!

    Mum - It was a great night and people are already asking us when it's going to be next year!! (Bit worried about that.....don't think I'll ever be able to top the shoe logo!!)

    C x

  6. The ice sculpture is so brilliant. You must have been so proud!

    What a fantastic evening and you both look so lovely all glammed up:-)


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