Sunday, 27 January 2008

Nice Caroline

My lovely, and very talented, blog friend Caroline has sent me a 'I've found Adam Badge' (She has limited edition badges to promote her first novel 'In Search Of Adam' which if you've not already bought why not?? I insist you go and get yourself a copy immediately!!)

It arrived just before we left for Angkor Wat so Caroline - these pictures are for you :-). Congratulations on all your success in 2007.........2008 is already shaping up to be even better!!

This is us with Angkor Wat in the background (I am wearing your badge but it's not that easy to see!!)

The photo on the right is where Tomb Raider was filmed - The temple is called Ta Prohm (Angelina Jolie stood in exactly the same spot!!)

We're off to Chris's boss's wedding today - the engagement party starts at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning and then is followed by the actual wedding.....I will do a proper update on our Cambodian adventures upon our return (once I've recovered from actually being up at that ungodly time in the morning!!)


  1. That is so SO cool!
    Can I steal one for my blog, please?

  2. Hi,
    I found you thru Caroline and couldn't help but write. I'm writing my 2nd novel which is set in Cambodia.I was there 2 years ago and the images, scents, feelings have stuck with me and are turning themselves into fiction. It was great seeing your photos and finding someone actually living over there (I was in Thailand, too). Just wanted to say hi and I'm a bit jealous and in awe of you living there.

  3. Angelina Jolie eat your heart out! You all look great. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Mum xx

  4. Sue G - Welcome and thanks for commenting!!

    Cambodia was absolutely amazing and, despite living in Thailand for a year and a half, I was still shocked at some of the day to day stuff we saw. I really loved it - it's definately a place that kinda gets under your skin.

    Congratulations on getting to book two!! What's the name of your first one and what's it about?

    Mum - Hmmm....Chris is now making comments about 'Having' to watch Tomb Raider again to see the temple!! (I think what he means is so that he has an excuse to lust after Angelina.....I think I feel a Hugh Jackman movie marathon coming on!!)

    C x

  5. Aw nice piccies.

    Now is that a temple or is it a tree? Or is it a tree that's used as a temple?

    Enjoy the wedding!


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