Monday, 18 February 2008

Disraeli Avenue by Caroline Smailes

Caroline, one of my lovely blog friends, has written a rather extraordinary book called 'In Search of Adam' in which she explores the extremely difficult topics of sexual abuse and self harm. It is a harrowing tale beautifully told and the voice of Jude, the main protagonist, stays with you long after you read the last page and put the book down.

Jude lives on Disraeli Avenue - there are 32 houses on Disraeli Avenue and behind every window is a story.........Disraeli Avenue, the novella, tells those stories!!

I have so much admiration for her. Caroline has done something absolutely amazing, with the help of her publisher and lots of people donating their time and talents, she has made Disraeli Avenue into an e-book which is free to download. All she asks is that you donate a little something to her chosen charity, One In Four, who work tirelessly and unconditionally to give support to those who have suffered sexual abuse (Every penny you give will go to help those that need it so please donate whatever you can!!)

Just in case you missed the previous links - you can click on the image on the left to donate and to tell us your secret!!


  1. Thank you ... and aren't the secrets fabulous! I love the widget.


  2. You are very very welcome!!

    The widget is soooo cool - I love the fact that people can add their own secrets (am still thinking of what to put as mine!!)

    C x


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