Friday, 15 February 2008

I'm back, I'm bad.....and I'm still driving Chris mad

Well......I'm not really driving Chris mad (any more!!) but it rhymes so I thought I would stick it in there anyway!!

You'll be glad to know that I am feeling a hell of a lot better so I am going to bore you with what I've been doing.........

I have watched some truly dreadful movies - honestly, how do these guys get the money to make these monstrosities!! I can just imagine the conversation.......
Idiot number one - 'You know it's, like, about this, like, great big lizard and it, like, has a flight with this great big snake and there are, like, people running around and stuff'
Idiot number two - 'You know what??......That sounds like it will make a great movie. Here's zillions of dollars'
I'm not kidding either (Oh if only I were!!)....I was actually reduced to watching Komodo vs. Cobra (Dear GOD what were they thinking??)........and please don't even get me started on the delight that was 'Snakes On A Plane' which actually featured the line 'brother from another mother'.....Oh the hilarity!!! (I think at that point I may have groaned 'make it stop' and it had nothing to do with the pain!!)

I have spent hours playing a rather irritating (and habit forming) little computer game called Diner Dash. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this (Actually I'm more embarrassed about admitting this than I was about telling you about the time I was washed ALL over by a nurse.....funny eh!!) Anyway, I have no idea why I have had the sudden compulsion to pretend I am a waitress running my own cafe in this bizarre little game but I am strangely addicted......(You can play online here.......but I am warning you......If you click on it I may end up having to set up a Diner Dash Anonymous helpline)

I was saved from myself (well....not really cause I still play.....OMG.....Did I just say that out loud?) by the lovely JJ. She arrived like a.......what's the female equivalent of a Knight in shining armour?........Well, this is why I am not a writer, she arrived.......... with THE most wonderful gifts - a box of paints and a book that gives lots of ideas on how to use said paint!! I have been dribbling, spraying, stamping and pinging.......that was before I even went near the paints!! I have to say that the canvas I was using did end up looking a little like someone had done a multi-coloured yawn on it (I was experimenting!!) when Moon appeared next to me. She looked at it, frowned, put her hand on her hips and frowned some more, looked at me and said 'What?'........I said I'm just playing.......she looked at me again, looked at the canvas, frowned, shook her head and disappeared again!! Sometimes language is no barrier at all!!! (The photo's are of the things I have been working on (Some not finished). Chris really likes the one with the people (the writing in Japanese means Husband and Wife) he thinks I should do a few more in different colour combos and maybe sell them.....what do you think?)

Oh, I also went to a showing of the DVD that was made at the Fashion Show (I know, I know.....I went in a taxi and there was very little walking involved!!), I went to the BWG Coffee morning (Yes, I should probably have stayed at home but there was a talk on Operation Smile and we were donating money to the cause so I couldn't stay at home) and today I went to see Mo-Cha-Ya (The lovely JJ came with me and did the lifting so I really didn't do much......all I did was pull faces at her.....erm.....Mo-Cha-Ya not JJ!!)

Chris has been wonderful (I knew there was a good reason I married him......I knew it wasn't just cause I was drunk and desperate!!) and, even though we had decided that we would officially celebrate Valentines Day next week, he turned up last night with a stunning single red rose, some champagne and chocolates!! (He even bought some Thai wine and chocolate for Moon so she didn't feel left out!!......He is rather fab you know (but don't tell him I said that....he'll get a big head!!))


I am not the only one who has not been very well this week. My Mum has had a really nasty stomach virus which has given her the runs - her poor wee bum now looks a bit like the Japanese flag!!

Get well soon Mum!!


  1. Oh my word, was that flag/bum thing strictly necessary?? ;0)

    Sounds as if JJ saved you from madness. Diner Dash indeed.

    I like the people too. Very esoteric. Moon is mad. (Not really, but it's alliterative. If you can do rhyming, I can do alliteration.)

    Glad you're back to blogging X

  2. Thanks Jen. Sorry about the flag/bum thing.....I just couldn't resist :-D

    I am ashamed to say that I am still enjoying Diner Dash (Oh dear god I really am stunningly sad!!)

    Glad you like the people :-) I may do some other colour combos after all

    C x

  3. Mo-Cha-Ya is standing up! Aww

    Good girl - you're using colour. I can see by the house picture that you're really getting stuck in:-)

    Now, I was sitting quite serenely reading your post until I got to last bit. Now all serenity has been shattered with much lol lol lol-ing.
    What are you like!:-)

  4. Thanks, Carol, that was much more information than anyone would have wanted, but you did warn me first!

    Now that my bum has gone global, so to speak, I'm glad to say that it's now nearer 'full moon' than Japanese flag!

    Katrina xx

    ps Like the paintings.

  5. Still laughing at the flag thing :D and feeling exhausted from reading the post. Soooo much energy jumping from it.


    ps - hope your mum feels better soon x

  6. Lane - I know!! Standing up and walking!! (She's also found her voice .....I'm now slightly unsure I should have encouraged her on that one!!)

    I used every single colour I have when I did the house - I know it's not finished yet but I'm kinda stuck with it....not sure what to do for a background!!

    Erm, yeah.....sorry about the flag comment!!

    Mum - You should know by now that when I warn you I'm going to do something I usually end up doing it!!

    Caroline - The energy is probably because I had been stuck in the apartment and was starting to get cabin fever!!

    C x

  7. sell sell sell woman

    Me :-)

  8. I'm trying....I'm trying!!

    There is a big lunch coming up - 300+ people so am going to try and have some new things done for then :-)

    Wish me luck

    C x


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