Thursday, 13 March 2008

I have a question

Before I post Day two of my Andaman adventures I have to ask you all a question. (It is a serious question)

Where do chickens sleep?

*whispers - I really hope you don't all show me up with your knowledge of all things chickeny*


  1. Why?
    To my knowledge: Chicken coops have roosts in them so lucky free range ones wander around all day then go into a little shed thing at night and sleep on nests or roosts. The coop is a shed on legs off the ground that has a ramp that gets folded up as the door when all the chickens have gone to bed so foxes and rats dont get them (I'm describing my old neighbours chickens here)((my cat used to sit on top and kill any rats hanging around)) Factory farmed chickens sleep standing up crammed in the cage that they spend their whole lives in (- and since they dont get daylight they dont know its bedtime anyway)Dont know about 'wild' ones.

  2. In the chicken coop/hen house. Anywhere but outside where foxes can get them.

    I'm intruiged as to where this is going:-)

  3. Having reread that I should add that I dont think chickens necessarily know its bedtime per se! (I just had a sudden image of the flock heading back to the coop for sundowner cocktails before bed!)
    Do you get wild chickens? (Oh dear, the chicken thing is catching) Jo

  4. Brenda's 'chooks' roosted in the barn in little straw nest-type areas, locked in overnight to keep them safe from foxes and mink.

    Curious to know why you are asking?

    Love Mum xx

  5. Well... the chickens along the road from us flutter up into a tree at night. I was astonished the first time I saw them. I had not thought that chickens could fly enough to get up into a tree. But there they were - and there they go every night as dusk falls. To be safe from foxes, I imagine. True!

  6. Chickens do know their bedtimes actually (but they're probably sneaky about the cocktails ;-) Our chickens go back to the shed about 6pm, just after sundown, while it's still a bit light, and roost up high. We have lots of boards set up so the wee baby chicks can make their way up there too. When the folks want to kill one or sell a few they sneak up on them with a torch at about 8pm as it's easy to nab them! Makes a horrid noise, poor things (but I do eat them!!)

    I have a feeling some chicken photos are on the way!

  7. All will soon be revealed!!! (am currently adding pics to the post)

    C x

  8. Where I was on Koh Samet, the chickens went into the bathroom at night. Where I was in Brazil they hopped up into the trees. Where I was in Kauai they had their own coop, and there were also those that live in the wild. But yes it's always best to be safe from predators.


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