Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Second Life

I'm about to embark on a second life - isn't that exciting!!

So far I have created a character (Avatar for those in the know - the photo shows some examples.....I'll need to work out how to take one of me so I can show you) called Iona Kyle (I wanted something that had a Scottish feel to it hence Iona and didn't have a lot of surnames to choose from so Kyle seemed like a good option!!) and last night I went online and met up with my Dad who, in his second life, is a PI (Private Investigator - He has a very very cool online (not sure if that is the correct term) office with a huge fish tank in it and everything!!). Thanks for introducing me to it Dad - I loved it!! It was right up my street - a combination of playing a computer game and roll playing (Yes, I have had a misspent youth and went through a rather long phase of playing a game called SLA namby pamby Dungeons and Dragons for me!!)

I've mentioned Second Life here before (If you missed that post you can read what I had to say here or you can visit the actual website here) but last night was the first time I had actually been 'in world'. It's fab - you can walk up to people and actually have a conversation with them in real time, you can explore cities, you can go see a band......pretty much anything you want to do!! The best bit is that you can buy stuff both for your online character and in the real world too which was one of the reasons I was there.

My Dad's SL (Second Life) sister is called Leigh and she runs an art gallery. Well, after having a look at my stuff she has offered to display it for me in the basement of her gallery on a permanent basis - Isn't that exciting!!. I met her online last night and she is lovely, mad as a hatter, but lovely. Her character is absolutely gorgeous and I think she knows all there is to know about SL - I couldn't have asked for a better introduction. (Thanks Leigh). She also gave me a whole load of things to make me look less of a newbie......probably won't stop me walking into walls (The controls are very simple but take a little time to get used to).......but hey.....can't have everything!!. If you want to have a look, or purchase, some of Leigh's artwork then you can visit her website Twisting Art by clicking here. (I have to be honest.....the best way to see her work would be to go onto SL - it looks absolutely amazing in her gallery!!)

So that's why I'm excited - I will let you know how I get on and when my stuff is up and ready to be viewed.


  1. Ooh, now that IS exciting. I didn't realise that the two worlds were linked like that. Am trying very hard not to have a second life now - I have enough trouble keeping up with the first one.

  2. It all sounds very intriguing - reality and virtual reality together - mmmm. Will have to explore it.

    Love Mum xx

  3. Spiral Jen - It's incredibly cool!! Apparently there are people making millions from it both online and off....pretty mind blowing when you think about it!!

    LOL re trouble keeping up with your first one.....I kinda know what you mean!!

    Mum - You will love it!!

    C x

  4. Nope, scary dont like it, how can you have a second life sister? How do you get into a conversation which leads to that? I have enough problems dealing with the more surreal aspects of my daily reality never mind one where nobody is really who they are. Also between blogging and second lifing do you have any time left for the physical realm? I have visions of you being sucked in thro the screen completely.
    Alternatively I may have been watching too many Cronenberg movies.
    Just be careful, the BWG needs you!
    As do the cats...they may resort to sabotage and it wont smell pretty:)

  5. I didn't quite realize there is that much reality in SL.

    I bet your avatar is cool:-)

    By 'controls', do you mean you use the normal computer keys? Complete numptie me:-)

  6. Jo - LOL....I insist that you stop watching Cronenberg movies immediately!!

    It's not scary at all - and just so as you know.....I finished the book I was reading, did BWG work, updated the blog AND did a drawing before I went onto SL yesterday :-)

    Lane - I didn't either - It really is quite amazing!!

    Thanks to Leigh she is looking a lot better than she did!!

    Yeah. You just use the arrow keys on your keyboard or you can use the mouse and click arrows on the screen - It really is very easy just takes a wee bit of getting used to. You should try it - I think you'd like it!!

  7. Oh I have an avatar there too but our computer isn't up to letting us play. The Uni I work for has a site there which I find surreal but that is the modern world I guess. You are a winner on this week's wordless Wednesday! Congrats, come on over and collect your winner's button.

  8. As well as commercial, and/or frivolous uses, sl also has the potential to make a valuable contribution to the education system. Most universities in the UK and the US have now established themselves in sl. The Open University in the UK is beginning classes there. Imagine - students from all over the country can actually gather together in one place, with their tutor, everyone represented by their avatar. They can talk, or type, in real time. I went in their for research purposes and was blown away by the scale and diversity of it!

  9. DJ - Thank you so much for my winner's button....I've just added it to my blog!! *am sitting here all proud of myself*. It's a pity that your computer isn't playing or we could have met up on SL!!

    Dad - I'm still quite blown away by it all. I had a wee nosy around earlier but am still slightly baffled by the egg things....always end up sitting on them rather than going up and down....I'm sure I'll get there in the end!!

    C x

  10. Hi all,
    Thx carol for the mad as a hatter but lovely comment lol and for the link to my gallery online, your just like your dad, heart of gold. To jo,
    Flick or Carols dad found me wondering around SL in a daze, hopelessly lost and that was in my first hour, I at the time of starting the game I had the same last name as Flick did and being an ugly/frightening newbie Flick offered to show me around the game as his little sister, though intro's to other avi's was funny as my first name was Twisted :) It takes about a week to find your way around the basics, though I still fall from anything that is more than a few feet in height but once you master the controls SL is yours to command, just like in real life.
    Commerce is real, Lindens(the local currency)can be exchange for real Dollars, virtual land can be bought and sold and items like clothes, houses, pets and art to name a few are real business's in SL. Not all that play the game are in it for the money that can be made but are there to meet new people or even just to play roll playing games like Full metal jacket, or combat flying dog fights (fun). I have 3 business's in SL, my gallery which Carol will be sharing with me, Land Investments and rental houses. So as you can see this virtual world is an open platform to do what ever you want in it, the only limits is ones imagination. Sorry carol hun I got carried away :) XXX
    Leigh Gears

  11. Wow! I've been wondering about this SL thing, especially now that my publisher is hooking me up with someone to do an interview with me about my novel. My 17-year-old son said he though it was weird, but it does seem pretty cool -- interesting if nothing else. I'll let you know how/when the interview goes.

  12. Hi again, Sueg, I hope your 17 year old is on the teenage grid and not the adult grid :)
    Carol I set up my own blog about Secondlife, you gave me the idea with yours here. I have up just my gallery or I should say our gallery now lol and a blurb on a small amount of what can be done in the game. I will be covering all aspects of Secondlife, even the down and dirty :)but for now it's just the stunning side i will show go look when you get a chance. xxx

  13. Leigh - Your Welcome :-). You explained SL much better than I did!!

    SueG - It is a bit bizarre but much easier when you have someone to show you the ropes - I love it!! Best of luck with the interview - do let me know how you get on!!

    Leigh - I've just visited your blog (and left a comment). It's looking great!!

    C x


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