Sunday, 6 April 2008


Yes I do have rather a lot of tat but what TAT actually stands for is Tourism Authority of Thailand. I've been contacted by them, via Steve, because they are currently looking for a handful of Thailand travel bloggers for one of their new websites (I don't need to do anything just fill in a profile) and they will take previous travel posts and put them on their website. I will get full credit for what I've written and they will provide links to my blog. I'm rather chuffed!! At the moment I have no idea what pieces they will use or even how many but they have e-mailed me to say that they really like the stuff I have written about the places I've visited here and they are definately going to include a few of my past posts :-)


  1. Hey, fantastic! you know how I love to read your stuff! Well done!

  2. Brilliant Carol! Your travel pieces are a joy to read! Well done you. You deserve a little (BIG) victory dance but because it's so hot there, maybe not!

  3. Congratulations, that's fab! When you think about it, you have visited a lot of different places in Thailand in the last year and a half, and included a bit of history and lots of amazing photos - and it does make for very entertaining reading. Haven't you done well! :-D
    Love Mum xx

  4. Wow, that's awesome and very well deserved. Yay, go Carol!

  5. Sue - It's rather exciting isn't it!!

    Lane - Thanks :-). I might just turn up the air-con so I can have that little dance!!

    Mum - :-). It's really quite amazing what happens when you least expect it!!

    Spiral - I enjoy writing about where we've been and I love reading about where other people have been. I never expected someone to want to use my waffles!!

    C x


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