Saturday, 24 May 2008

Gregory Pecks

I've got new Gregory Pecks - For those of you not in the know - that is rhyming slang for specs. The lovely JJ helped me pick them - aren't they fab!!


  1. They are very lovely indeed! (as is/was? Gregory Peck)

  2. Gorgeous! Are the frames tinted red or pink? Very trendy!

  3. Love them! :) I also love the way Brits use rhyming slang, it is so creative. But for an American, it is utterly baffling, so thanks for explaining your what your Gregory Pecks are!

  4. Love the new gigs (that's Liverpudlian.) I thought you'd found someone called Gregory, with great pecs. Was looking for another photo. Debs x

  5. Very snazzy new Gregory Pecks. All the better to see these fabulous places with!

    Love Mum xx

  6. Wunderbar, very sexy and stylish.

    YS tried on glasses today. He looked like naughty Norman from Fireman Sam lol. You look so much more swish.

    However, I am a bit disappointed that they are not gold. How will you accessorise your hairdryer now?

  7. Lane - :-). He was rather lovely as Atticus in to Kill A Mockingbird!! (and it's was....I checked on Wikipedia)

    DJ - They are actually purple but the colour looks different depending on what I wear (which is kinda cool).

    Caroline - Thanks hon :-)

    SueG - *Grins* I'm really chuffed with them!!

    Amy - Sometimes I'm completely baffled at the rhyming slang too!! I remember a friend talking about 'Richard the Third' and when I looked at her blankly (I hadn't a clue what she was on about) she said 'Richard the Third - turd'.....can't for the life on me remember why she was talking about turds....

    The Lehners - LOL....Sorry to disappoint you!! Never heard the term gigs applied to glasses before!!

    Mum - They are rather snazzy...and they were not expensive (even better!!)

    Hullaballoo - Thank you lovely lady :-).

    LOL at YS looking like Norman from Fireman Sam!!

    I'll just have to get gold shoes to go with the hairdrier!!! (Any excuse to go shoe shopping eh!!)

    C x

  8. very nice, think you've just hit on something new i can buy on my next visit, especially as i've bought everything else i could see.

    Shiny thing shiny thing

    love Tomato

  9. Tomato - I couldn't believe how cheap they were....don't get me wrong there were expensive ones but mine were from a designer range and were only £45. (They'll be easier to pack too :-))

    Move away from the shiny things....

    C x

  10. They are very stylish and suit you.

    I find it so hard to choose glasses, they have so much choice. Fun though.

  11. I've tagged you over at mine xx


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