Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Tea Tag

I've been tagged by the lovely Debs over at The Lehners in France to share my tea cups with you. Soooooo, I am throwing caution to the are my tea cups -

This set is very special to me....I absolutely love it!! I used to work for a not-for-profit and part of my role was providing support to 50 volunteers who used their time to try and improve the health care system for patients in Salford and Trafford. Most of our volunteers didn't have very much money but when Chris and I got married they all clubbed together and bought us this tea set as a wedding present. (I had to try very hard not to cry when they gave us it!!)

This is a tea cup and pot combo (The pot is on the top) and is absolutely perfect for when you fancy a couple of cups of tea but can't be bothered going back to the kitchen to make a second one (Lazy Moi......never!!). When we lived in Manchester I used to fill her up and then sit glued to Saturday Kitchen.....ahhh those where the days!!

Here is another tea cup and pot combo....actually it's more of a tea mug and pot combo and was given to me by my lovely friend Claire for Christmas. I love the colour of it, the design on it and the pot makes the perfect amount of tea for the mug!!

Now, those of you that know me well will know that no kitchen of mine would be complete without something relating to shoes - and here it is!!! This fab tea set was given to us by Chris's Aunt Dot and Uncle Steve - I absolutely adore it (It even came packaged in a shoe box!!) and it just goes to show that you can never have too many shoes!!!

We also like coffee!!

And I couldn't resist showing you this cause I think it's a bit bonkers!! It's a rice wine pot.... and if you look closely you will notice that it has no lid. 'How do you fill it then?' I hear you ask......well, you fill it from the bottom. There is a tube in the middle that stops the liquid from leaking out when you turn it back round the right way.......Ingenious eh!!!

So there you have it......I have now exposed the inside of my kitchen cupboards to you and I tag JJ at Tea Stains, Jen at Spiral Skies and Caroline at In Search Of Adam as I think they will all have rather fab tea cups!!!


  1. Ooh, these are great. The rice wine one is fantastic! xo

  2. Thanks Sue :-). I really enjoyed doing this tag....even though my friend who's currently staying with us thinks I'm completely off my trolley!!

    I was going to tag you with this one but then thought you might be a bit busy with all your writerly things....but if you fancy giving it a go.....

    C x

  3. They're all so beautiful! I love the first one.
    And so many teapots!:-)

  4. I am in love with my Penguin book cover mugs. I have 9 now!

    I'll sort out some photos.


  5. You ARE completely off your trolley, but we like that in a friend, or in my case, a Daughter! Taught you everything I know!

    Lots of love
    Mum xx

  6. Oh my good Lord, I can't believe I've got bloomin teapot envy.

    Isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by gorgeous things?

  7. Tea sets have gotten so creative and beautiful! I remember seeing many gorgeous sets in Thailand. You've got great taste! :)

  8. Carol, yours are lovely and proper works of art. I am slightly concerned at the pure function of my tea cups. However I will attempt to live up to the tag!

  9. I have one teapot but many kinds of tea. I really like the tea pot cup combo from Claire. So many pots to choose from what fun. I once bought a teapot shaped like an Aga that was pretty cool.

  10. I MUST find an organge tea pot for my display cabinet, it took my breath away!

  11. Hi Carol and Chris, what a lovely collection you have. Debra x

  12. I want your tea cups, mine are boring in comparison. In fact, half of mine came from Poundstretchers and cost 29pence a pop.

    What a heartwarming tale behind your wedding tea set.

  13. Carol! Tell me you went to a really posh, trendy shop and took photos of their stock. I can't believe anyone has such lovely pots to hand. Well done you! Theres an award over ar mine for you! Debs x

  14. Lane - Thank you :-). I love the first one too...I think it's my favourite of all of them!!

    Caroline - They sound very cool...can't wait to see them!!

    Mum - I know....I can't help's in the genes!!!

    Spiral Jen - LOL at teapot envy although I have to point out that most of them have been presents!!

    Amy - Thanks.....although really it's my friends that have got good taste!!

    JJ - I roared with laughter when I read your post...if everyone didn't know that you are completely and utterly bonkers before....they do now!!

    Kissa - Welcome and thanks :-). I didn't used to care what I drank my tea out of, a Jam Jar would have done, but I have discovered that I am getting picky in my old age!! Your Aga teapot does sound pretty cool!!

    DJ - Claire got it for me from a charity shop that supports soi cats and dogs. I think they may have another one - I'll ask and if they've got one I'll get it and send it to you :-)

    Debra in France - Thanks hon :-)

    Thank you Hullabahoney!! I do rather love my tea cups although have to admit that the ones I buy are usually from markets so are not expensive :-). The wedding tea set is very special...not just cause I completely adore it but because of who bought it!!

    The Lehners in France - I am very happy to say that I actually own all those tea cups, mugs and pots!! Ooohhh an award....Thanks sweetie :-)

    C x

  15. Wow!! I'm jumping on board the teapot envy train!! I'm not much of a tea drinker (not British haha ;-p)but I think I would be chugging it down with all your beautiful sets just to look adoringly at them!:-D

  16. Mel - LOL.....You could always drink coffee out of them you know....

    C x


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