Friday, 8 August 2008


The Thai's have an amazing ability.....they can sleep anywhere!!! Take a look at this lot......

That really doesn't look comfy does it!!!

She doesn't really strike me as the party animal type!!

Nor does she.....just goes to show what I know eh!!!

(Just in case you are wondering.....those weird hairy things are fruit called Rambutans.....Chris and I refer to them as aggressive strawberry's!!)

Fruit shopping can be sooooo tiring sometimes!!!
(She opened her eyes just as I took the picture)


  1. Do you think they stay up all night and then nap all day? Or is it the heat and if so have you caught the habit?:-)

    Those 'aggressive strawberries' look very angry indeed:-)

  2. I have no idea what it is Lane but it's really incredible!!!

    In answer to your question....I've not but Starbucks with handbag on knee!! *Snigger*

    C x

  3. Oh I can do that. If I am tired, I can sleep anywhere.

    Glad you had such a fabby birthday, hon. Sorry I missed it.

    I realise I have copied your clog address wrongly. I am away to rectify that forthwith.

    Enjoy your weekend babes.

  4. Hulla - Really!!! I'm one of those people...once I'm up I'm up and no amount of persuasion is going to get me back to sleep!!

    I wondered why I'd not heard from you but am very glad you noticed the mistake!! After all....we are Scotterish soul sisters :-)

    C x

  5. Amazing photos, they look so peaceful and relaxed.

    I've never seen those before, they look positively dangerous.

  6. OOps Better late than never You know me. Looks like you had a great day and the picture amulet was fab.


  7. LOL Tomato!! How long have we known each other???

    (Actually, I think I would be worried about you if you remembered!!)

    C x

  8. I 'spect I would be doing the same in that heat. How do you stay awake?

  9. I can so see JJ slumbering in a cafe... 'Oh, no, I was thinking about my novel,' I hear her protesting :0)

    I think it's cool. Personally, I could sleep upside down with my head planted in a flower bed. I wholeheartledly aprove of round-the-clock dreaminess.

  10. Debs - I'm so sorry...I managed to completely miss your comment!!

    I really don't know how they do it!!

    DJ - Chris asked one of his colleagues and was told that it wasn't the heat it was the rice. Apparently too much rice at lunch makes you sleepy!!

    Spiral - I know...what's she like!!! She said that if she had seen someone she knew do it she would just have laughed but if it had been me she would have taken a photo and showed it to everyone!!!

    Blimey...your whole sleep thing is impressive!!! Chris was told by one of his colleagues that having a nap during the day was like putting money in the bank!! Bizarre....just bizarre

    C x

  11. OMG. I've just come to look at the comments ... and I'm OUTRAGED; OUTRAGED, I tell you.

    Yeah, okay, I did quite deliberately clutch my handbag to my chest and disappear to the land of nod... In Starbucks. It's quite normal here, you know.

  12. JJ - Ha, that's what you get for saying that you would take a photo!!! (evil woman!!)

    Good to have you back hon

    C x

  13. What a great idea for a post! I pass by day sleepers on every outing, yet haven't really given them much thought, until now.

    Sure, I'll wave in their direction and laugh about it with friends, but...

    And as for my joining in... the fear of snoring would totally keep me awake :-D

  14. LOL Cat. I would worry about the snoring too!!!

    Thanks for leaving a comment - I've had a nosey at your site but wasn't sure how to tell you so I thought I would write it here :-)

    C x

  15. Whenever I have a massage I'm VERY careful about not falling asleep.


    But that person snoring on the plane?

    It's never me.

    Nope, I'm the person next to the person snoring on the plane.

    The person with the sharp elbows.


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