Monday, 11 August 2008


It's been a rather stressful few days!! My poor Mum has been diagnosed with Keratitis in both eyes and has been off work for the last couple of weeks (and will be off for the foreseeable future). I phoned my Gran on Friday night to see how she was doing only to be told that my Mum had just been admitted to Hospital. Her vision is bad because of the Keratitis but she had started to see star bursts which was caused by pressure building up behind her eye which, if not treated, could have meant losing the sight in that eye!! (Normal is between 13 and 25 and the pressure behind her eye was at 56). She has now had lazer treatment to reduce the pressure - they have made two wee holes in each eye. She got out on Saturday night but had to go back yesterday so they could check whether the pressure was building again. The Doc was worried that they holes were too small so they made them bigger and she's to go back on Thursday for a check up!! Horrible eh!!!

I'm got going to describe our sleepless nights so I thought I would do this meme which was passed to me by the lovely Hullabrouhaha :-)

1) My uncle once: played the organ in Liverpool Cathedral. It is the largest one in Britain.
2) Never in my life: have I felt so far away from family
3) When I was five: I told our next door neighbour to stuff her froggy face into the floor when she wouldn't give me a packet of crisps (The joys of listening to the Muppet Album!!)
4) High school was: definately not the best days of my life!!
5) I will never forget: The first time I met Chris
6) Once I met: Billy Connolly....I fell over his feet in a pub and landed in a heap on the floor!!
7) There's this girl I know: Who has had pornographic pictures taken of herself
8) Once, at a bar: I watched my best mate pretend to hump a cigarette machine whilst ABBA's Dancing Queen was on in the background. (You know who you are!!)
9) By noon: I am usually wondering what I'm going to have for dinner
10) Last night: I had a conversation with a guy on SL (Second Life) about the Wurzels
11) If only I had known: That if I wasn't happy about something I had the power to change it
12) Next time I go to church: I will probably be struck down by lightening!!
13) What worries me most: The people I love being unhappy
14) When I turn my head left I see: Books
15) When I turn my head right I see: A very spiky cat attacking a sock
16) You know I'm lying when: You always know when I'm's written all over my face!!
17) What I miss most about the eighties: Thinking Fame was cool!!
18) If I were a character in Shakespear I'd be: I have no idea....ashamed to admit it but I've not read any Shakespear!!
19) By this time next year: I will be painting
20) A better name for me would be: Donut (aparently!!)
21)I have a hard time understanding: Suicide bombers and anyone who can take the life of another human being
22) If I ever go back to school: I would poke my old art teacher in the eye for being crap and demotivating
23) You know I like you if: I slag you off
24) If I ever won an award, the first person I would thank would be: My husband
25) Take my advice, never: underestimate the potential cruelty or kindness of others (I pinched this one from Hulla.....I couldn't agree with it more!!)
26) My ideal breakfast is: Freshly baked croissant with butter and strawberry jam washed down with a lovely mug of hot tea.
27) A song I love but do not own is: The Lemonheads cover of the Simon and Garfunkle song 'Mrs Robinson'
28) If you visit my home town, I suggest you: get in touch and we'll get together
29) Why won't people: Accept responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming everyone else for their problems.
30) If you spend a night at my house: It will involve good food, good wine and lots of laughter
31) I'd stop my wedding for: Absolutely no-one!!!
32) The world could do without: Politicians!!!
33) I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: Get on stage and perform
34) My favourite blonde is: Britney Spears.....she really went bonkers quite spectacularly!!
35) Paper clips are more useful than: A chocolate tea pot
36) If I do anything well: It's being able to put myself in someone else's shoes so I can understand their point of view
37) I can't help but: Laugh!!
38) I usually cry: At crappy films and TV programmes. I even managed to cry at The Simpsons once!! (How sad is that!!)
39) My advice to my child/nephew/niece: Have fun and try not to worry too will all work out in the end!!
40) And by the way: consider yourself tagged for this meme


  1. Sorry to hear about your Mum. Hope she's better soon. Your trip will be here soon.

    Thank God: No 8 isn't me.
    You are so right: About No 11
    Do it Now: No 19
    Phew: No 23
    Or even 'hot water': No 26
    And paracetamol: No 30

  2. Love to your mum and to you honey.
    I can't imagine how worried you must have been/are feeling.

    Take care and I love this meme. I'll give it a go when I get back to blogging ... because 'clearly' I am on a break!


  3. Thanks for visiting my site, it was so nice to get a comment, I can't wait to get my leather pieces back,should be done this Saturday.
    Just so you know my blog address is changing to
    visit again soon :)

  4. Oh your poor mum. That sounds like a horrible condition. Hope it can be fixed without too much upset.

    Great meme. There's a whole wealth of info about you there!

    I'm with you one The Simpsons. It can be very moving sometimes:-)

  5. Urgh, your poor mum. Sounds just awful, hope she's better soon.
    Loved the froggy face comment :-) I might have to use that one next time someone annoys me ( a bout five minutes time, probably).

  6. JJ - I know...nasty eh!! I can't wait to go back and see everyone!!

    LOL at your comments about the meme!! For the record....there is absolutely nothing wrong with my tea...just cause you like yours so strong that your teaspoon stands up on it's own...
    Hehehe you may have a point regarding the Paracetamol....

    Caroline - Thanks honey!! Sometimes it's really not easy being so far away!!

    I really enjoyed doing the should definately give it a whirl. Am looking forward to reading it already :-)

    Fusion - Fab!! I shall pop over to have a look.

    Lane - She's pretty down...she can't even read to pass the time!!! I've suggested that she get some talking books so I think she's going to ask my Uncle to look into that for her.

    I'm not sure what scary information I have just unwittingly shared with the world!!

    Oh was the one where Homer ate what he thought was poisonous sushi and they all thought he was going to die!! It was his list of things to do...

    Tam - I'm hoping that she starts to feel better now that she has undergone some treatment!!

    I bet if you used the Froggy face comment whoever you were talking too would be stunned into silence!! Do let me know if you use it :-)

    C x

  7. Your Poor Mum didn't realise she had to go and get the treatment twice. Will she have silicon plugs like Chris?
    Now the world knows (All those little fags just dying to come out)

  8. Tomato - I didn't out did!!! (I want you to know that I am resisting the urge to call you an ejit!!)

    Yeah, the first lot she got were not big enough!! No plugs...I'm not sure how it works to be honest....but the holes will stop the pressure building so I'm assuming that the eye will heal round them??

    C x

  9. All best wishes to your Mum and to worried family and friends.

    Love the chocolate teapot. Coincidentally, I mentioned a chocolate fireguard on my blog a few days ago.

    Cyber flowers to your Mum 'cos she'll be able to smell them

  10. Love to your poor Mum, what a horrible thing to have to deal with, I hope she's much better soon.

    Love you answers, brilliant and so funny...froggy face, love it. I may have to give this a go.

  11. Debs - Thanks :-). She's starting to feel a bit better so I think the treatment has worked!!

    I will look forward to reading your answers to this meme. I really enjoyed doing it (even if it meant I had to admit to never reading any Shakespear!!)

    C x

  12. How did I miss this post? Is your mom okay? Can't stop laughing over number 3! A woman after my own heart...

  13. LOL DJ....don't worry it's easy done!!

    My Mum is better....her sight is much better than it was but she's still off work :-(. I've recommended that she get a stack of talking books delivered to her to try and alleviate her boredom.

    C x


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