Thursday, 14 August 2008

Who's silly idea was that then.....

Erm....that would have been mine!!!

Tuesday was Queen Sirikit's birthday and as part of the celebrations there was a special Charity 1.8km 'fun run-walk' event being held in Benhakiti Park next to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre. It only cost 250 baht to enter (£3) and all the money ra
ised was going towards The Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer to assist the early detection screening programme of the centre. Fantastic....thought I.....let's do that. It wasn't till later that I realised that registration for the event was at 6am....6AM....and by that time it was too late....I'd already sent an e-mail out to a few friends asking who fancied doing it (Note to self: Read EVERYTHING before asking people if they want to join you!!).

So on Tuesday Chris and I were up at 5am (inhumane time to be up in the morning!!) to be ready in time to meet up with Moon, Georgie and Debbie and be at the registration on time. Well, I had to laugh...we had no clue what was going on or where we needed to be and we discovered that having a Thai with you didn't necessarily make things any clearer!! What a giggle....after some time crowd watching and figuring out where to get numbers and pins to put said numbers on shirts...we finally worked out that there were three separate events that you could do. There was the proper run, the fun run and, if you didn't fancy either of them, you could spend the time it would take to do the run engaging in Community aerobics!!! We did the 'fun run-walk'...we even have a medal to prove it (although I think calling it a mini marathon was a bit of an imagination stretch!!)

We had a lovely relaxing afternoon recovering from our mornings activity and then the lovely Susan jetted in from Deli (She's staying with us for a couple of days). We had a blether and then we went out for Tapas. It was rather funny when this lot pitched up and started serenading us (They must have been bloody hot in that get up!!)


  1. You know, sometimes I read your blog and look at your photos and wonder whether I have gone quite mad.

    But no, this really is what your life is like.

    Jealous much.

  2. Well done for doing that, especially as you had to get up so horribly early.

    I love the photos, it's all so different to my life and looks so much more interesting too.

  3. Spiral - LOL. You know...the worrying thing is that it was just as bonkers when we lived in the UK!!

    Debs - We did feel rather proud of ourselves, tired, but proud that we got up and did it!!

    C x


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