Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I'm not here....

You've not seen me.....this post is just a figment of your imagination!!

We leave on Thursday night......I'm supposed to be packing.......and wrapping presents......and buying a few last minute things (like cat food)......and working on a commission .....and....and....and.....

I'm not!!!

I'm here....getting all excited about our first trip to the UK in a year and a half!!!

I really must get on with it or the cats will starve and I will end up half naked in Scotland because I've not got round to finishing my packing....and....half naked in Scotland in September is just not a good idea!!! (Actually, me half naked in public at any time is not a good idea....but in the cold!!!! *shivers at the thought*)


  1. Hi Carol

    Nope, can't see you! Where are you?
    Hope you have a fab time over here in the UK. And do wrap up it's going to be very chilly! (Actually, we've had some sun lately, but I'm sure it won't last!) x

  2. Lol...laughing with you though! I love the cat in the post pic, Hymalayans are my most fave cat of all.

  3. Were you here? I think not. The Carol I know is busy drawing, packing and being very organized:-)

  4. I never saw you.

    Hope the packing is now sorted and the cat food ready. The best weather today is in Scotland and the rest of the week is supposed to be very pleasant, I think.

  5. I'm not here either. Thanks for the lovely day yesterday! And enjoy the UK!

  6. I'm not here either. I've got cooking to do, a house to clean, grass to cut, presents to wrap, and I'm not either. Can't imagine where Carol gets it from...

    Love Mum xx

  7. Dear All - Carol is not here. I am her computer and I will be answering all comments on her behalf!!

    Annie - Keep your fingers crossed that the weather is good for her...she is rather worried that she is going to freeze to death in about 3 seconds!!

    DJ - Thanks for laughing with Carol and not at her (Most people laugh at her....but don't tell her I told you that!!). She loved the cat pic too and just couldn't resist putting it on here!!

    Lane - Carol sneaked in earlier but I gave her a nasty shock when she tried to come back. She is now being a very good girl and getting everything organised (and if you believe that then you'll believe anything!!)

    Debs - OMG Scotland has the best weather!!! That must happen once every 10 years....that means Carol has no chance of it being nice!!!

    JJ - So you've trained your computer to comment on your behalf too....aren't you and Carol clever people!!

    Carol had a great time yesterday too...she said the company and the cheesecake was fab!!

    Carol's Mum - Ahhhh....so that's where she gets it from!!! She's looking forward to seeing you :-)

    C x

    Ps. The C stands for Computer not Carol

  8. Oooh - how exciting! Bet you can't wait. Good luck with the packing :-) Don't forget to leave some space for souvenirs!

  9. I have not seen you here, I have not seen your mum here.

    Safe journey and very much looking forward to meeting up for a cup of tea and a slice of cake :)


  10. Tam - Carol has delegated all packing to Chris.....she will look out what she wants to take and he will pack it. Otherwise the conversation will go something like this

    Chris looks into the case Carol has just packed
    'What the hell is that??'
    'What do you mean what the hell is that?? I've packed my stuff'
    'Pffft. That looks like a dogs dinner'
    Chris then proceeds to re-pack everything and suddenly Carol discovers that there is loads more space for shoes :-)

    Caroline - Carol can't wait to meet you either. She has already looked out her copy of ISOA for you to scribble on :-)

    C x

  11. have a really fabulous trip - what a shame you're not further down sowf...

    That poor cat - is she a caualty of your frantic pressie-wrapping session?

  12. What is the cat's name - Russell?

  13. Dear Carol-who-isn't-there's Computer
    Please tell Carol not to forget to email me if she's anywhere near Tod en route to Scotland.

  14. The cat has to be Bagpuss...

    Love Carol's Mum x

  15. Spiral - Carol definately wishes that she had loads of time so that she could come and visit everyone!!!

    Maybe next time eh....

    EAT - Russell would be a most wonderful name for that moggie!!

    Pat - I have passed on your message to Carol and she has said that she will definately be in touch if she's going to be passing!!

    Carol's Mum - Are you supposed to be here??

    Hehehe...Bagpuss...good one!!

    C x

  16. Enjoy your time in Scotland. I've landed here from the black box and am taking a little peek around.


  17. Rashbre - Welcome :-). We're having a great time so far and I will pop over to yours and have a look when I get the chance.



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