Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Shame on Me!!

I am a bad bad blog mother *slaps back of own hand*......I missed my own blogs 2nd birthday!!!

Only In Thailand was born on the 5th of September.....five days after we arrived in Bangkok. It's been a hell of a couple of years and you can read about The Beginning if you click HERE.

Happy belated birthday little blog!!


  1. Hey, happy belated blog birthday. Blimey, that was a bit of a mouthful. JJx

  2. Happy blog birthday, pet. Aren't you glad I persuaded you to start blogging? You probably don't remember what an uphill struggle it was to talk you into it. Hahaha. But it's great for friends and family back home to keep up with your life out there - never mind all the new friends you have accumulated en route. Keep 'em coming.

  3. Happy birthday dear blog and dearest Carol.


  4. Happy Bloggy Birthday. Just had fun reading about your beginnings and buying cutlery to be picked the following night! You had an exciting start to your adventure and it's been a joy to read.

    I raise my teacup to the next year:-)

  5. even though i am first time here, happy belated birthday you your blog!!! :)

  6. Ooh, it's never occurred to me to trawl back to the beginning - definitely something to enjoy with a glass of wine later - but only drinking because I'm celebrating for you.

    Happy Blog Birthday X

  7. Happy Blogday to you,
    Happy Blogday to you...

    No wonder you didn't realise your blog was 2, you've been sooooo busy. And where would we be without it? - You keep us all informed and entertained at the same time.

    Love Mum xx

  8. Well iam late as ever Happy Blogday little blog
    And keep on blogging blog mutha Carol

    Love Tomato

  9. Happy Blog Birthday! I came to visit a while back - and then had a mini-crisis and de-blogged! But I'm back again, so just to say Hi again from me! :-))

  10. Happy Blog B-day to you!

    My design blog's 2nd b-day was upstaged by the coup.

    A strange experience.

    Knowing I had time to tweak, the night before I set the unfinished post to go in the morning (it's a WP blog).

    But I was so busy trying to find what was happening (no tv) that I forgot.

    It went half dressed.

    I panicked.

    Then started editing like crazy.

    Gave up. Apologized. Left it weird sounding and all.

    Then there was the blog post about the bombing...

    (I lived on either side of two bombs - the Saxophone Bar and Big C's).

    Nope. Blogging in BKK is NOT boring!

  11. JJ - Thanks hon :-)

    Dad - I am very very glad you talked me into it....I have 'met' some really lovely people thought blogging. (Hopefully I might even get to meet some of them in the flesh when we are in the UK!!)

    Caroline - Thanks sweetie. I'll send you an e-mail about Manchester :-)

    Lane - Awwww thanks hon!! I must admit I had a chortle reading back through some of the old posts. It's amazing how quickly you get used to I wouldn't bat an eyelid at being told the stall didn't actually have what it was selling!!

    Lena - Welcome and Thank you :-)

    Lily - Yay to blog birthdays!!

    Spiral - It is very strange looking back at the beginning....Chris and I did have a giggle reading through them!! I was surprised at how much I had forgotten!!

    Cheers *clinks glass*

    Mum - Awwww that's a lovely thing to say!! I do rather love my blog (Does that make me a sad person??)

    Tomato - That's right get down with your bad self!!

    Annie - I remember your visit. I popped over to find you and there was an 'Annie's blog' shaped hole!!! Welcome back to blogland :-)

    C x

  12. Cat - You sneaked in there!!

    Ha, very very true....there is never a dull moment when your blogging in Bangkok!!

    I'll have to come and have a nosey at your design blog....sounds very interesting!!

    C x

  13. Happy belated 2nd Blog Birthday.


  14. Happy BB B'day. Here's to many happy returns!
    Will raise a glass of something as soon as I think I'm able to keep it down ;-$

  15. Many Happy Returns!

    I don't get to travel as much as I used to do, so you are my exotic travel experience now.

    Tip for the day - don't drink tea and read captions at the same time. (But thanks for the encouraging comment!).

  16. Oh happy birthday little blog. Thanks for the link to your first post, I didn't realise that Moon was your maid! xo

  17. Very belated, happy belated blogday to you!

  18. Happy blog birthday honeybear, and many happy returns. Like your dad, it took ages for Bobo to persuade me to start blogging too. I am so pleased I did, otherwise I would never have known wonderful people like you.


  19. Debs - Thanks hon :-)

    Tam - Awwww...I do hope your feeling better soon!!

    EAT - I promise never to take a mouthful of tea prior to reading your captions again!! It nearly got very very messy!! I shall be popping over to yours for a nosey :-)

    DJ - Thanks Sweetie. It was weird reading back through it all!!

    Yep, Moon is the maid and I can't tell you how completely and utterly grateful I am to have her....I know that this isn't really 'real life' and that at some point I will have to go back to washing my own clothes and cleaning the toilet!!! (You wouldn't believe the way some people here treat their's absolutely disgusting!!)

    Pat - I am a bad blog mother for forgetting!!

    Hulla - Thanks hullabahoney!! I don't know why I was so anti blogging because I absolutely love it now and get withdrawal symptoms when I don't get a chance to catch up with what everyone is doing!! Yay to blog friends!!

    C x


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