Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Thanks and Intermitent Blogger Problems

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their comments and e-mails after I posted here about the state of emergency being declared - It was much appreciated!! Nothing much has changed since yesterday...there have been rumours flying around but so far we are just living our life as normal and will continue to do so until we are told otherwise.


I also wanted to apologise for my lack of comments. I fear you have all been missing my drivel.... erm....insightful comments. I've been having terrible times with blogger and this is the first time I have been able to log in since yesterday morning which has been very very frustrating!!!

but I do have rather good news to share too.....

I've got another three drawing commissions!!! Woooo hooooo!!!!


  1. Hi Carol and Chris

    Just wanted to say Hi! And I hope you are OK.

    Congratulations on your drawing commissions.

  2. Congratulations!! The commissions are great news.

    Stay safe both of you. x

  3. Well done you. Onwards and upwards


  4. Sorry to hear that nothing much has changed over where you are but hearty congratulations on your commissions, brilliant news.

  5. Congrats and so glad that you're ok x

  6. Well it's no surprise you got three more commissions - your work is absolutely fantastic. I've recently been inspired to get back into my art as well. ;)

  7. Annie - Welcome :-). I always love getting comments from new people and will be popping over to have a nosey at your blog in a minute!!

    Lane - I am so pleased!! I've already started work on one of them and the main image has just been agreed upon so I'm all excited and am looking forward to getting my teeth into it :-)

    Tomato - I still can't quite believe that people are paying me for my scribbles!!

    Debs - Thanks :-). Re the politics...we're still in a deadlock situation. We actually thought Samak was going to resign yesterday but he came on TV and stated that he had no such plans. *sigh* who knows what's going to happen next!!

    Caroline - We're fine...just wishing it was all over really!! I am excited about the commissions...I'm always happy when I am drawing so I can't wait to get going :-)

    Amy - Yay for being inspired!! You will need to take some pictures of your work and put them on your blog so that I can have a look....I love seeing what other people create :-)

    C x

  8. Oooh, congratulations on the commissions!

    Stay safe


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